. would you like to live in a tree house .

Taking creepy crawlies out of the equation, there has always been something enchanting about tree houses that makes me want to live in one since I was a little girl. I remember embarking on my little adventure to explore every nook and cranny of The Swiss Family Robinson tree house at Disneyland Park (Anaheim) before climbing up the flight of 100+ stairs to the summit some 20 yrs ago. Somehow, the rustic tree house held me transfixed and since then, I was allured by the fantasy of a home in the sky.

All I wanted was a tree house, nestled high inside a towering tree, that boasts a spectacular view of its surrounding woodlands and greenery. Alas, it was a dream that never came true for one who is living in a concrete jungle. But now, there’s a slight glimpse of hope …

See how a modern-day Robinson Crusoe turned his tiny (extremely tiny) 271 sq foot apartment into a contemporary and stylish tree house!

Daniel LiCalzi is a product designer whose 271 square foot apt is an awesome example of space saving layout and design – and sleeping on the ceiling so he can look at the tree tops makes it even more awesome.


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