. review: Kao megurism steam hot eye mask .

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I must confess that I have been a Qoo10 addict as of late as I spend too much time ‘window-shopping’ and splurging on non-essential beauty products. My recent obsession with beauty products (I’m already 25 this year, which means it’s the time to embark on an anti-aging regime) turned me into this self-obsessive person lol. I’m my biggest and harshest critic!

I have been on the lookout for a warm/hot eye mask ever since I went for an eye treatment at a home salon a couple months ago. However, all of the eye masks that I saw in stores are sheet masks, hence I decided to try my luck online and was absolutely delighted to find raves about the KAO megurism steam hot eye mask! The calming effect of the self-heated eye mask (up to 40 °C) aids in refreshing and soothing fatigue eyes. Good for people like me who faces either the laptop or mobile screen almost 24/7 aka slave to technology. It really works wonders as I found myself falling asleep within 5-10 mins upon application of the mask. A DIY yet pampering treat for our overworked peepers! 🙂

My verdict: 4 stars out of 5
(The price is a little hefty for 1-time usage – $2.10/eye mask)
Highly recommended for anyone who wants a good night sleep
* only available online

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2 responses to “. review: Kao megurism steam hot eye mask .

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m gonna get it for my mum, she loves hot eye mask treatment and is always requesting for it during our facial treatments. this will be a cheaper alternative! 🙂

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