. art jamming at my art studio .

My 1st ever art jamming session with Serene at Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery was such an enjoyable albeit stressful (try completing a painting within 3 hrs on your first attempt!) experience that I have been on the lookout for similar deals since then. Fast-forward a few months, I made an impulsive purchase when I found a Groupon deal for an art jamming session at a studio that’s located relatively near to my place for only $28!

While most people prefer to get their friends or partner together for an artistic time, I, however, chose to indulge in some alone time to let my creative juices flow and enjoy a moment of tranquility. Honestly, it’s really not awkward to spend some time doing things alone. My fascination with the ocean and lighthouses (no thanks to childhood storybooks) inspired me to settle for a simple art piece that features a coastal lighthouse. Nothing too fanciful or I fear that I will need even more than 24 hours to complete the painting!

my art studio 2

Unlike Arteastiq, there are art teachers/instructors in My Art Studio to provide guidance to both beginners and amateurs who need a little assistance. In addition, there is less pressure on me as I don’t feel like I’m an animal in captivity (With reference to the glass panels of Arteastiq that allow full access view of the “budding painters” at work).  Having said that, I miss having a nice cup of ice gourmet tea for my drinking pleasure as the studio only provides the usual mix of coffee and tea.

My Art Studio also offers a range of art programmes catered to both children and adults, such as workshops on acrylic and oil painting. Good for those who are interested to bring their painting skills up a notch!

Will I be back for more art jamming? I hope so although I would like to bring the boy along the next time round for an artistic date!

my art studiosource

3 hours Art Jamming session @ $30* include:
1. Unlimited acrylic paints and tools rental
2. 1 x canvas 30cm x 40cm
3. Free flow coffee and tea
4. Lacquer spray paint services
* promo price

My Art Studio @ Midview City
Address: 28 Sin Ming Lane, #02-133, Midview City
Operating hours: 10am – 6.30pm

my art studio 1
my art studio 3
My Masterpiece!
Not bad at all, right? :p I like the gradient of the blue shades in the sky.

my art studio 4
my art studio 5


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