. life in cubes – Dec & Merry Christmas .

life in cubes 1life in cubes 2life in cubes 3life in cubes 4life in cubes 5life in cubes 6life in cubes 7life in cubes 8life in cubes 9

Animation GIF #1 
Fun with the boys

Animation GIF #2
December came and go so quickly that before I even know it, it’s already 2013! Started my favourite month by joining the masses to catch a glimpse of the beloved pandas – Jia Jia & Kai Kai – only to be “lucky” enough to catch them soundly asleep! Speaking of animals, the boy & I also introduced 4 new members to our family – in the form of cherry shrimps! 🙂

For once in the recent years, I didn’t get to bask in the festivity with friends but for an extremely valid reason … Because I was having a ball of fun with my family in the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand! And trust me, it was 1 of my best vacation ever! 🙂 Despite the post-vacation blues, the celebration continued when we returned to Singapore as we attempted a series of crazy photo-shoots to make merry on Christmas day!

Have I mentioned to you how much I  my family?

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