. here’s to 2013 .

Happy New Year to all! =)

As usual, I’m almost a week late in blogging about my recap of 2012 and New Year resolutions for 2013. There’s still a huge backlog of blog entries and honestly, I think it will take me a long time to complete it as blogging isn’t of top priority at the moment.


♦ I survived the end of the world (21/12/12) lol!
♦  Taking the step to own my very 1st property
♦ Making yoga a part of my life and leading a healthier lifestyle
♦ Travel opportunities to Bali, South Korea and New Zealand
♦ Archie for being so strong and to have survived the high risk GDV surgery
♦ Having Simba in our lives which also means triple the trouble and fun
♦ Learning to play the basic of the basics of the ukulele
♦ Having a photo that I took of the hotsprings to be featured in a book
♦ Being able to spend a day out in the sea & party with my friends on a yacht

2012 in pics

After giving it a little thought, I have decided to make do without having a list of resolutions for 2013. In view that I’m already in my mid-20s :(, I’m intending to compile a list of “30 things to do before 30” that I can work towards to in the next 5 years. So, good luck to me! 🙂



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