. followed by a trip to hell – USS Halloween Horror Night 2.

Having heard so much buzz about how fantastically horrifying the Halloween @ USS event was, I knew that it was a Halloween affair that was not to be missed! And true to its reputation, the USS Halloween Horror Night event is probably the best place to celebrate a spooky yet fun Halloween in Singapore (sans the clubbing crowd)! Poor KC & Elisa – I was grabbing onto the both of them so tightly throughout the 3 haunted attractions (Dungeon of Damnation, Insanitarium & Death Alley) that I must have been a bigger threat than those scare actors LOL!

Not wanting to miss out on some photo opportunities, Elisa & I sneaked away from the rest of the group and joined the masses in some major photo-taking at Total Lockdown (Awesome shit- It’s exactly a scene from those zombie-infested movies! ) & House of Dolls scare zones!

* All pics credit to Elisa

uss 1
uss 2
uss 3
uss 8
uss 10
uss 4
uss 7
uss 5


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