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. off to New Zealand .


12th to 25th December

. followed by a trip to hell – USS Halloween Horror Night 2.

Having heard so much buzz about how fantastically horrifying the Halloween @ USS event was, I knew that it was a Halloween affair that was not to be missed! And true to its reputation, the USS Halloween Horror Night event is probably the best place to celebrate a spooky yet fun Halloween in Singapore (sans the clubbing crowd)! Poor KC & Elisa – I was grabbing onto the both of them so tightly throughout the 3 haunted attractions (Dungeon of Damnation, Insanitarium & Death Alley) that I must have been a bigger threat than those scare actors LOL!

Not wanting to miss out on some photo opportunities, Elisa & I sneaked away from the rest of the group and joined the masses in some major photo-taking at Total Lockdown (Awesome shit- It’s exactly a scene from those zombie-infested movies! ) & House of Dolls scare zones!

* All pics credit to Elisa

uss 1
uss 2
uss 3
uss 8
uss 10
uss 4
uss 7
uss 5

. we went to paradise first .

An entire afternoon spent with an excellent company out in the open sea, with a stopover at the exclusive Lazarus island. If only cruising to the nearby islands is a leisure weekend activity that’s readily available to us (aka non-affluent), you bet that I’ll heading to work every Monday with a radiant glow.
1 of life’s finest moments indeed.

Alert: Smorgasbord of pictures!
* all pics credit to super Elisa =)

yacht 1e
yacht 2e
yacht 3e
yacht 4e
yacht 7e

yacht 8e
Getting ready to jump off the dock and dive right into the water! Such an adrenaline rush! 

yacht 5e
yacht 6e
yacht 10e
yacht 11e
yacht 12e
yacht 13e
yacht 15e
yacht 16e

. life in cubes – Nov .

for your nails onlyoutdoorhappy bdae parents

And the month of November is gone in a split of a second and we are now into the last (and my favourite) month of the year. The past 30 days have been nothing short of exciting although I also have my fair share of down moments … kick-start the month with a sponsored staycation at Capri by Frasers with the boy; celebrated my parents’ birthdays with 2 delectable cakes; embarked on a gastronomic journey with family & friends as we dined at HY California @ MBS, Antoinette, Ambush & Kombi Rocks amongst many others;  met up with my bff who’s back from Canada for the hols; pampered myself with fish spa & gelish manicure; attended my first ever outdoor yoga sesh & drive-in movie screening; mastered a wall-assisted headstand; went on a monumental tour and learnt about the history behind Singapore General Hospital and pressed my 1st ever penny souvenir right here in Singapore! 🙂 

On the other hand, as I itch closer to being 25 *gasp*, I cannot help but to start feeling like I’m being stuck in a rut (yet again) and suffer from the occasional bouts of low self-esteem. Been feeling relatively lousy about my appearance, health, job, direction in life and I guess, a general sense of worth. It’s tricky to live a positive life with a negative mind and I’m at that phase where it’s easier for me to dwell on the depressing bits than to remain optimistic.

. steve aoki @ tomorrowland .

The boy makes me wanna attend Tomorrowland!