. kenko fish spa .

There is no better way to end a challenging hot flow class, than with a visit to Kenko for a mini pampering session! 🙂 It has been more than 3 years since my first & last fish spa at Tempat Senang (Batam) and I have been looking forward to getting my feet nibbled by these little but feisty fishes since then. After all, no other pedicure or scrub can do such a fantastic job of getting rid of my dead skin cells! 

Saw a great deal on DEAL that offers a 30-mins fish spa session at Kenko for only $10 and purchased it without any hesitation. Enjoyed dipping my feet into the pond with the bigger fishes as the sensation was stronger albeit more ticklish. The place is very well-maintained and beautifully decorated (like you would expect of a spa) thus making my fish spa experience even more enjoyable. However, the normal price for each session is a tad too expensive ($30/30 -mins) so I’ll probably drop by the popular Qian Hu Fish Farm for a cheap fish spa treatment instead!

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