. green yoga: yoga in the park .

Waking up early on a Saturday morning for an outdoor yoga session in the park isn’t exactly on the top of my list (weekend = sleep in) but it sure sounds like a refreshing way to kick-start the weekend! These days, there’s an increasing number of people who wants to add a new dimension to their yoga practice by immersing in nature and doing it the al-fresco way. After all, why settle for the confines of the 4 walls when you can have the real great outdoors?

While I embraced the new experience of pairing yoga with nature, I think I would stick to indoor studios for my regular yoga practice as it is less of a distraction for me ( all the stares from the public and countless of mosquitoes).

*Join Green Yoga for a free 90-mins session of outdoor yoga at MacRitchie Reservoir every last Sat of the month. The next class will be held on 29th Dec so mark this date down on your calendar! =)



One response to “. green yoga: yoga in the park .

  1. Practicing Yoga in an open place is more effective and enjoyable.

    Nayeema Akter

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