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. review: green yoga .

I have received a couple of email requests from readers to blog about my yoga experience with Green Yoga so after much procrastination, here’s the promised blog review! 🙂 


+ points: Due to the small class size, you can rest assured that the instructors are very attentive and will modify the poses based on your level (beginner/advanced). My fav instructor, Suraya, might look petite but she’s one tough cookie! My power yoga classes with her are nothing short of challenging but I love that she really makes us work out (hello abs!). I always love a hardcore class! :p  In fact, it was her who encouraged me to perform my first assisted-headstand!

Class-wise, they do have a moderate range of classes for students to choose from – Basic yoga for the beginners to Power yoga for those who love to push themselves even more. To be fair, I only attended 4 classes as I was on a Groupon package but I really enjoyed the power and detox flow classes with Suraya. Best of all, it only takes me 10 mins to get to the studio from home and this makes it very tempting for me to sign up as a member with them after my membership with Real Yoga expires.

– points: The cost of the membership! I understand that the premium price is due to the personalized training that they provide but I can’t afford paying $85/mth more than what I’m paying at the moment for yoga. Would also prefer them to turn up the temperature for their hot classes as the current temperature is relatively milder than most of the other studios that I have visited.

Class Size: Green Yoga is perfect for those who are looking for a relatively personalized session as each class is kept to a max of 10 students. If you’re lucky, you might even have the instructor all to yourself during an off-peak class!

$$$: Unlike some commercial yoga studios, the class prices are fixed for Green Yoga. $2520/mth for 1 year membership. Interested? Why not swing by their studio for 1 week of unlimited classes at only $30? Alternatively, you may also sign up for their free 2-hrs outdoor yoga session which is held at MacRitchie reservoir every last Sat morning of the month! 🙂

Click here for more details about Green Yoga!