. halloween: our 1st carved pumpkins .

Traditions have always played a huge part in Halloween – Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood and of course, pumpkin carving. This year, the boy and I decided to celebrate our first Halloween together by carving our very 1st pumpkins! By the way, these imported baby pumpkins do not come cheap – each costing about $11!

As always, the boy was ambitious and opted a more complicated design while yours truly took the safe route for a first-timer and chose the easy smile design. The verdict is out! Most of our friends prefer the boy’s sinister pumpkin smile! :p

Do you know that carving pumpkins are different from your usual cooking pumpkins? There’s basically no meat in the carving pumpkins, only countless of seeds!

The Sinister Smile

The Cheerful Smile



Trick-or-Treat @ Woodgrove

Want to be part of an authentic traditional Halloween experience? Why not head to the housing estate of Woodgrove (at Woodlands) where thousands of families and children were dressed up in all kinds of costumes (the scary, the sexy, the funny, etc) for trick-or-treat! Houses were decorated with skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins and all sorts of gruesome stuff, thus making Woodgrove quite the little horror estate!

Anyway, that was exactly where the boy and I found ourselves at on the evening of 31st October … It was truly an experience like no other and we are definitely looking forward to making a return trip next year! šŸ™‚


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