. STRIP goes Mobile! .

As some of you would have known, I’m no longer a virgin … That is when it comes to the increasingly popular Brazilian waxing. As the self-proclaimed Ministry of Waxing, STRIP is now bringing convenience to those who do not want to be ‘unfurgivable’ by going mobile!

My 2 experiences with brazilian waxing (Face Bistro & SKIN in Bali) have left me   with baby smooth skin and an ecstatic boyfriend! In other words, other than a little discomfort (pain factor: 3-4 out of 10), there’s really nothing to dislike or be ashamed of when it comes to brazilian waxing. Been wanting to try STRIP for its waxing services for the longest time as they are known to carry a wide range of delicious-sounding wax flavours ( chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, lavender, etc); However, the relatively expensive price tag is the main deterring factor. So now that STRIP’s mobile outlet is having a 50% promotion for its brazilian waxing on-the-go, you can bet that I would like to get it all off lol!

What you NEED TO KNOW:

This season’s hot flavour: Summer Orange hard wax

$5 for Underarm Wax
$18 for Underarm IPL (1 time)
$28 for Brazilian Wax
$48 for Brazilian IPL (1 time)

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