. sponsored review: AFC Green Beauty .

Absolutely! Stress from work, coupled with a lack of sleep, have resulted in an extremely tired me. Tell-tale signs? A lacklusture and blemished complexion, dark eye circles and basically, a constant need to sleep. Been wanting to embark on a yoga/detox retreat in Bali for ages but the pricey tag is quite the turn-off. As such, I find myself turning to health supplements and vitamin pills for the extra dose of nourishment. Vitamin C, probiotic, evening primrose oil, collagen extract, cod liver oil … All in the name of health and vanity.

When I was first offered the chance to review a new product on the market that promises to aid in detoxification and skin clarity, I knew immediately that it was an opportunity not to be missed. 1 minute a day, 1 cup of nutritious drink, and I’m set to improve my overall well-being.  Sounds like a good plan!

A month’s supply: 30 sachets in a box

AFC Green Beauty promises to restore your body’s healthy balance with a 2-steps prong. Containing nutrients that are optimal for cell and skin rejuvenation, AFC Green Beauty aims to boost your body’s natural detoxifying by getting rid of toxins and supplying essential minerals and vitamins back to your skin for the perfect complexion. A sachet of green goodness a day is all you need.

In short, the 2 simple steps to a healthy & radiant YOU

1st Step: Cleanse and Alkalinize your body
2nd Step: Repair and Nourish your skin

In a nutshell, 100% natural ingredients.

Organic Barley Grass: Highest SOD – Neutralizes Free Radicals
Shizuoka Green Tea: Potent Antioxidant – Slows Down Aging Process
Organic Kale: Insoluble Fiber – Body Cleansing & Bowel Movement
Hydrolyzed Micro-Collagen: Premium Grade Collagen – Enhances Skin Clarity

Pour the powdery contents into a cup, add water and drink it either hot or cold… It’s really up to your preference.

Taste: For those of you who dread eating your veggies, fret not. Surprisingly, the beauty drink tastes more like a refreshing cup of green tea than 5 servings of vegetables. Definitely not your typical “grass drink”.

Skin Complexion: Unfortunately, I have an oily and acne-prone complexion so it will take more than a nutritious blend of drink to keep those blemishes at bay. Nevertheless, green tea is known to be a great anti-oxidant so it aids in anti-aging (very important as I hit the BIG 25 this year).

Detoxification: I don’t have an issue with constipation but I must admit that this drink works wonders for those with digestive/constipation problems. Be prepared to notice a positive change in your bowel movements and trips to the restroom!

 AFC Green Beauty drink is exclusively available at Watsons and retails at SG$64.90 per box (30 sachets). Want a hassle-free purchase? Get it from the AFC site at only SGD 58.78!

Sponsored by Lifestream Group


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