. Johnnie Walker project black inspiration launch by guest blogger MK .

Johnnie Walker Project Black Inspiration Launch Party 2012

 Venue: The Butterfactory (Bump Room), One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road 

Date: 23rd May 2012 

Time: 7.30pm till 10.00pm 

Johnnie Walker was set to unveil the first publicly voted bottle design of their flagship Black Label Whisky, a limited edition design of the Black Label (3000pcs in Singapore). 

An idea that was conceived during the last quarter of 2011, it took Johnnie Walker close to 7 months to finalize the design, a concrete proof of their dedication to ensure that this specially designed bottle was the best that there can be. 

Mr Mark Ong, aka Mr Sabotage (international designer and sneakers customizer), alongside with the input of Johnnie Walker Fans across Singapore and Malaysia came to a finalized design. Which was a design that Mr Sabotage himself refers as “a design that embodies something that  I’ve been drawing for almost 10 years”. Evidence that the design of the bottle was not going to disappoint. 

The unveiling of the bottle design on this blog will be at the end of the post!

 To encourage the general public to provide their inputs on how the design should be: Johnnie Walker engaged the assistance of 3 prominent figures in their own industries to spur on the inspiration project.

 First, we have Mr Paul Foster, artiste/emcee/everything media, who was also emceeing the night!

 His design revolved around strongly around himself and the Johnnie Walker Branding. Rugby’s his father’s number 1 love other than family, and the rugby designed bottle goes in line with the Johnnie Walker’s tag-slogan “Keep Walking”. Had an extensive chat with Paul and he intends to inspire people to keep moving forward despite strong opposing force like in a game of rugby. Very apt indeed, something personal yet in strong relation to the brand’s identity. 

 Next up, Mr Anthony Ho, owner of Left Foot. Anthony wrapped a Johnnie Walker bottle with black shoe laces in his design. We might ask “why”? As a shoe lover, Anthony changed pairs and pairs of shoes over the year. A souvenir that he will keep for himself from his “old-flames” were the laces. He’s kept the laces for almost, if not all of his shoes! It was a design to depict what he truly love in life and his business entity as well. 

 Last, but not least, we have Ms Tracy Philips. We all know Tracy from her successful stint at Zouk. A nightlife marketing extraordinaire. Tracy’s design in my own interpretation signifies letting go of all those unnecessary and negative in life into the skies and living life to the fullest. 

 Drum Roll… 

We have the limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Inspiration Bottle! 

 A camouflage design, as I’ve mentioned it happened to be a penchant for designer Mark Ong. Loving camouflage, he’s taken years and years to perfect his ability to render what he perceive as a perfect camouflage print. 

 (left to right, Paul Foster, Mark Ong, Anthony Ho, Tracy Phillips) All of them had the proceeds of this project donated to the charity of their choice. Good corporate social responsibility.

 Johnnie Walker’s brand manager in Singapore, Jack Lee spent much effort into putting this event together and I’ll love to thank him for that. I was ensured that my glass was never empty (I love my whisky soda) and guests were kept happy with instant silkscreen printing of Johnnie Walker tee shirts. 

This bottle is available for on-trade sale as well and it’s a very very  very reasonable mark up on top of the normal Johnnie Black. So if you are thinking of getting some for your guests in your establishment you can contact the Johnnie Walker team! Only 2999 available for the Singapore market as personally I’ve got one in my room now.

I truly enjoyed this event, special thanks to Johnnie Walker and my beloved Steph 🙂 

Keep Walking.

The Johnnie Walker Story


About MK: Nightlife entertainment and F&B professional with a unspoken love for service,music & entertainment, spirit and wine appreciation and of course his partner (the girl at the trafficlight junction), not forgetting their 2 dogs (archie and frosty). 

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