. little pancakes .

Like most girls, I’m a HUGE fan of dining places that offer all-day breakfast! Fortunately for me, I live near the stretch of Upper Thomson road where it’s dotted with many quaint cafes and restaurants- from Udders to Fatboy’s The Burger Bar to Old School Delights. Think of it as a food haven for heartlanders!

Anyway, it was on my usual bus route to the MRT station that I spotted a tiny cheerful and colourful shop that stood out in the midst of the *boring* shops. I knew then that it was a matter of time that I visit the cafe that’s called Little Pancakes. Little Pancakes serves only bite-sized pancakes, which is the first of its kind in Singapore. However, seeing how fast evolving the F&B industry is in Singapore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other all-day breakfast dining places starting to offer bite-sized pancakes in their menus! Lol.

Psst! We even spotted a local celebrity checking out the place with his wife! Is Little Pancakes the next BIG all-day pancakes cafe? From the looks of it, I bet so! 🙂

Our Ratings!
Food: *** 1/2 out of 5
Service: **** out of 5

Ambiance: *** out of 5


Little Pancakes
 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04 Thomson Imperial Court
Click here for their facebook!

Chick & Cheesy
Pancakes come served with special glazed sausages, cheese, potato salad and greens – $8.50

Big Fan of All Day Breakfast
The first and most important meal of the day! Perfect for brunch. A set of pancakes, scrambled eggs, special glazed sausages, potato salad and greens – $10.90

My Fruity Pie
An irresistible fruity combo of peaches, kiwis, strawberries, bananas topped with crushed almonds and raisins with vanilla ice cream – $8.90


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  1. ok m hungry looking at the photos at 11pm.. no good..

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