. Ubud: Payangan Hideaway .

Welcome to Payangan Hideaway!

Located about 30 mins drive from Ubud central, Payangan is a district that is home to 14 villages. Known for its scenic views of the rice fields and lush greenery, it’s no wonder that Payangan is famous for its many 5-star hotels, such as the COMO Shambhala Estate (a property of hotelier tycoon Ong Beng Seng) and Ubud Hanging Gardens (part of the Orient Express).

Being on a tight budget meant that we wouldn’t be able to splurge on an expensive getaway and so we eventually settled on Payangan Hideaway, a semi-luxurious resort offering the same stunning views at a fraction of its cost. For only $110 USD/night (for the private pool villa), the boy and I lived absolutely like kings! In fact, we even had the entire resort to ourselves as it was a lull travel period. The service was immaculate as the staff catered to our every whim with a smile, from airport transport to room service (We ordered in for every meal for our entire stay).

Of all the places that we have stayed so far, I must confess that having our own pool villa, complete with a breathtaking view overlooking the green horizon, is definitely a real treat that’s hard to beat!

Spectacular view from our pool villa

Our favourite place to lounge in the day. Tanning time!

The resort even comes with its own inclinator – Specially for those who are lazy to walk down the stairs from the resort lobby to their respective villas.

450 steps from the resort lobby and we find ourselves at the mighty Ayung River, where we spotted 3 local children having some fun along the river!

Now, you can see why we would like to return to Bali again at the end of the year! Absolute paradise!


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