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. how to cover up acne marks .

. sponsored review: AFC Green Beauty .

Absolutely! Stress from work, coupled with a lack of sleep, have resulted in an extremely tired me. Tell-tale signs? A lacklusture and blemished complexion, dark eye circles and basically, a constant need to sleep. Been wanting to embark on a yoga/detox retreat in Bali for ages but the pricey tag is quite the turn-off. As such, I find myself turning to health supplements and vitamin pills for the extra dose of nourishment. Vitamin C, probiotic, evening primrose oil, collagen extract, cod liver oil … All in the name of health and vanity.

When I was first offered the chance to review a new product on the market that promises to aid in detoxification and skin clarity, I knew immediately that it was an opportunity not to be missed. 1 minute a day, 1 cup of nutritious drink, and I’m set to improve my overall well-being.  Sounds like a good plan!

A month’s supply: 30 sachets in a box

AFC Green Beauty promises to restore your body’s healthy balance with a 2-steps prong. Containing nutrients that are optimal for cell and skin rejuvenation, AFC Green Beauty aims to boost your body’s natural detoxifying by getting rid of toxins and supplying essential minerals and vitamins back to your skin for the perfect complexion. A sachet of green goodness a day is all you need.

In short, the 2 simple steps to a healthy & radiant YOU

1st Step: Cleanse and Alkalinize your body
2nd Step: Repair and Nourish your skin

In a nutshell, 100% natural ingredients.

Organic Barley Grass: Highest SOD – Neutralizes Free Radicals
Shizuoka Green Tea: Potent Antioxidant – Slows Down Aging Process
Organic Kale: Insoluble Fiber – Body Cleansing & Bowel Movement
Hydrolyzed Micro-Collagen: Premium Grade Collagen – Enhances Skin Clarity

Pour the powdery contents into a cup, add water and drink it either hot or cold… It’s really up to your preference.

Taste: For those of you who dread eating your veggies, fret not. Surprisingly, the beauty drink tastes more like a refreshing cup of green tea than 5 servings of vegetables. Definitely not your typical “grass drink”.

Skin Complexion: Unfortunately, I have an oily and acne-prone complexion so it will take more than a nutritious blend of drink to keep those blemishes at bay. Nevertheless, green tea is known to be a great anti-oxidant so it aids in anti-aging (very important as I hit the BIG 25 this year).

Detoxification: I don’t have an issue with constipation but I must admit that this drink works wonders for those with digestive/constipation problems. Be prepared to notice a positive change in your bowel movements and trips to the restroom!

 AFC Green Beauty drink is exclusively available at Watsons and retails at SG$64.90 per box (30 sachets). Want a hassle-free purchase? Get it from the AFC site at only SGD 58.78!

Sponsored by Lifestream Group

. chicken soup for the soul .

The worst part? Falling ill and staying in bed over the entire weekend. The best part? The boyfriend making a hot pot of french onion soup for me. The boy preparing a bowl of piping hot soup and get this, not from a microwave meal, is simply 1 of the sweetest gesture that touches my heart. Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? 🙂


. Johnnie Walker project black inspiration launch by guest blogger MK .

Johnnie Walker Project Black Inspiration Launch Party 2012

 Venue: The Butterfactory (Bump Room), One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road 

Date: 23rd May 2012 

Time: 7.30pm till 10.00pm 

Johnnie Walker was set to unveil the first publicly voted bottle design of their flagship Black Label Whisky, a limited edition design of the Black Label (3000pcs in Singapore). 

An idea that was conceived during the last quarter of 2011, it took Johnnie Walker close to 7 months to finalize the design, a concrete proof of their dedication to ensure that this specially designed bottle was the best that there can be. 

Mr Mark Ong, aka Mr Sabotage (international designer and sneakers customizer), alongside with the input of Johnnie Walker Fans across Singapore and Malaysia came to a finalized design. Which was a design that Mr Sabotage himself refers as “a design that embodies something that  I’ve been drawing for almost 10 years”. Evidence that the design of the bottle was not going to disappoint. 

The unveiling of the bottle design on this blog will be at the end of the post!

 To encourage the general public to provide their inputs on how the design should be: Johnnie Walker engaged the assistance of 3 prominent figures in their own industries to spur on the inspiration project.

 First, we have Mr Paul Foster, artiste/emcee/everything media, who was also emceeing the night!

 His design revolved around strongly around himself and the Johnnie Walker Branding. Rugby’s his father’s number 1 love other than family, and the rugby designed bottle goes in line with the Johnnie Walker’s tag-slogan “Keep Walking”. Had an extensive chat with Paul and he intends to inspire people to keep moving forward despite strong opposing force like in a game of rugby. Very apt indeed, something personal yet in strong relation to the brand’s identity. 

 Next up, Mr Anthony Ho, owner of Left Foot. Anthony wrapped a Johnnie Walker bottle with black shoe laces in his design. We might ask “why”? As a shoe lover, Anthony changed pairs and pairs of shoes over the year. A souvenir that he will keep for himself from his “old-flames” were the laces. He’s kept the laces for almost, if not all of his shoes! It was a design to depict what he truly love in life and his business entity as well. 

 Last, but not least, we have Ms Tracy Philips. We all know Tracy from her successful stint at Zouk. A nightlife marketing extraordinaire. Tracy’s design in my own interpretation signifies letting go of all those unnecessary and negative in life into the skies and living life to the fullest. 

 Drum Roll… 

We have the limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Inspiration Bottle! 

 A camouflage design, as I’ve mentioned it happened to be a penchant for designer Mark Ong. Loving camouflage, he’s taken years and years to perfect his ability to render what he perceive as a perfect camouflage print. 

 (left to right, Paul Foster, Mark Ong, Anthony Ho, Tracy Phillips) All of them had the proceeds of this project donated to the charity of their choice. Good corporate social responsibility.

 Johnnie Walker’s brand manager in Singapore, Jack Lee spent much effort into putting this event together and I’ll love to thank him for that. I was ensured that my glass was never empty (I love my whisky soda) and guests were kept happy with instant silkscreen printing of Johnnie Walker tee shirts. 

This bottle is available for on-trade sale as well and it’s a very very  very reasonable mark up on top of the normal Johnnie Black. So if you are thinking of getting some for your guests in your establishment you can contact the Johnnie Walker team! Only 2999 available for the Singapore market as personally I’ve got one in my room now.

I truly enjoyed this event, special thanks to Johnnie Walker and my beloved Steph 🙂 

Keep Walking.

The Johnnie Walker Story


About MK: Nightlife entertainment and F&B professional with a unspoken love for service,music & entertainment, spirit and wine appreciation and of course his partner (the girl at the trafficlight junction), not forgetting their 2 dogs (archie and frosty). 

. lady gaga concert .

1  of the highlights of 2012 – To get hold of a pair of tickets for Lady Gaga’s MONSTER BALL concert back in May! 🙂  Definitely the most entertaining live performance that I have ever watched!

. half a decade later …

… We have both graduated from school and are now jaded from the monotony of working life, argued over the silliest and most trivial issues, adopted 2 beautiful but attention-seeking fur kids, argued over important matters, conquered various countries together, argued over everyday issues, fostered a Cambodian boy together, argued over some foolish mistakes that we made along the way, struggled with extreme lifestyle choices, argued some more, lived like a cohabiting couple for the better part of the week … and the list goes on.

At the end of the day, despite the tumultuous roller coaster journey, you’re still the one I want to come home to every single day. Fast-forward the mushy & unnecessary parts … I just want you to know, Boy do i love you so much! 🙂 

All photos by Lumiere Photography
($12 for Groupon deal and $65 for the top-up of edited pics)

. little pancakes .

Like most girls, I’m a HUGE fan of dining places that offer all-day breakfast! Fortunately for me, I live near the stretch of Upper Thomson road where it’s dotted with many quaint cafes and restaurants- from Udders to Fatboy’s The Burger Bar to Old School Delights. Think of it as a food haven for heartlanders!

Anyway, it was on my usual bus route to the MRT station that I spotted a tiny cheerful and colourful shop that stood out in the midst of the *boring* shops. I knew then that it was a matter of time that I visit the cafe that’s called Little Pancakes. Little Pancakes serves only bite-sized pancakes, which is the first of its kind in Singapore. However, seeing how fast evolving the F&B industry is in Singapore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other all-day breakfast dining places starting to offer bite-sized pancakes in their menus! Lol.

Psst! We even spotted a local celebrity checking out the place with his wife! Is Little Pancakes the next BIG all-day pancakes cafe? From the looks of it, I bet so! 🙂

Our Ratings!
Food: *** 1/2 out of 5
Service: **** out of 5

Ambiance: *** out of 5


Little Pancakes
 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04 Thomson Imperial Court
Click here for their facebook!

Chick & Cheesy
Pancakes come served with special glazed sausages, cheese, potato salad and greens – $8.50

Big Fan of All Day Breakfast
The first and most important meal of the day! Perfect for brunch. A set of pancakes, scrambled eggs, special glazed sausages, potato salad and greens – $10.90

My Fruity Pie
An irresistible fruity combo of peaches, kiwis, strawberries, bananas topped with crushed almonds and raisins with vanilla ice cream – $8.90

. Ubud: Payangan Hideaway .

Welcome to Payangan Hideaway!

Located about 30 mins drive from Ubud central, Payangan is a district that is home to 14 villages. Known for its scenic views of the rice fields and lush greenery, it’s no wonder that Payangan is famous for its many 5-star hotels, such as the COMO Shambhala Estate (a property of hotelier tycoon Ong Beng Seng) and Ubud Hanging Gardens (part of the Orient Express).

Being on a tight budget meant that we wouldn’t be able to splurge on an expensive getaway and so we eventually settled on Payangan Hideaway, a semi-luxurious resort offering the same stunning views at a fraction of its cost. For only $110 USD/night (for the private pool villa), the boy and I lived absolutely like kings! In fact, we even had the entire resort to ourselves as it was a lull travel period. The service was immaculate as the staff catered to our every whim with a smile, from airport transport to room service (We ordered in for every meal for our entire stay).

Of all the places that we have stayed so far, I must confess that having our own pool villa, complete with a breathtaking view overlooking the green horizon, is definitely a real treat that’s hard to beat!

Spectacular view from our pool villa

Our favourite place to lounge in the day. Tanning time!

The resort even comes with its own inclinator – Specially for those who are lazy to walk down the stairs from the resort lobby to their respective villas.

450 steps from the resort lobby and we find ourselves at the mighty Ayung River, where we spotted 3 local children having some fun along the river!

Now, you can see why we would like to return to Bali again at the end of the year! Absolute paradise!

. dog shelters in Ubud .

Eschewing the usual sight-seeing – temples, palaces and paddy fields – the boy and I decided to visit somewhere that we would least expect ourselves to visit during a vacation. Dog shelters! There are plenty of dogs that have been left abandoned to fend for themselves in the streets of Bali – some subjected to physical abuse while others are left starving and searching for scraps.

While we don’t proclaim to be dog lovers (BUT we love Archie and Frosty), stray dogs is a topic that’s close to our hearts as Archie was once a stray puppy that has been abused by people and up till today, he still has a scar that remains near his neck.

For anyone who has a pet dog at home, you might like to take some time out of your itinerary to visit 1 of the 2 dog shelters located in Ubud. Remember, most of the dogs and puppies appreciate a little human company. A little donation goes a long way! 🙂


Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)

BAWA was founded by Janice Girardi, an American resident in Bali for over 30 years, and leading Indonesian veterinarian Dr Dewa Made Dharma.

The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a not-for-profit charity registered in Indonesia. Its mandate is to relieve suffering, control the population and improve the health of Bali’s street dogs while educating the local population in animal welfare. 

BAWA supports a fully staffed clinic near Ubud, 24 hour animal ambulance, a mobile sterilization clinic, an education program, a puppy adoption program, plus a continually expanding range of community programs.”

BAWA Headquarters/Charity Shop
Jalan Monkey Forest 100X
Ubud, Bali 

Doesn’t the BAWA poster dog reminds you of Archie? 🙂

A couple days’ old puppies!

4 of my favourite puppies at BAWA. Reminds me of Archie’s puppyhood months!

Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation Centre (BARC)

The Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) is a non-profit organization that has rescued, rehabilitated over 4,000 dogs and presently house over 120 rescued street dogs and puppies here in Bali.

We aim to relieve suffering, starvation, abuse and neglect of these animals with the help of volunteers, adoptions, sponsorship and donations.

BARC Rehabilitation Centre
Br. Abiansemal, Lodtunduh
Ubud, Bali  

Archie lookalikes! :p