. social painting at Arteastiq .

In the perfect world, we would be having high tea at a lovely cafe, followed by a session of social painting instead of slogging at work. Thank god for work benefits such as annual leave that will give us the chance to live the lifestyle of an “occasional Tai Tai”. Lol!

At $28* (usual: $48/pax) for a session of social painting, we were given 1 50 x 50 cm cotton canvas, free flow of acrylic paint, 1 set of brushes (that you can take home) and 1 gourmet tea of our choice … And most importantly, convenience. Say bye to the hassle of having to clear up the horrendous mess after an enjoyable time of art jamming! :p Sounds just like the perfect thing for 2 girlfriends to do on a lazy Friday afternoon!  * Deal from Groupon.

Click here to read all about Serene’s take on the good & bad of a session of art jamming at Arteastiq

Must try: A pot of Lychee tea … Absolutely divine! 🙂

Serene, the classic example of a perfectionist (lol!), being hard at work at producing her masterpiece!

Here’s presenting … my masterpiece! 🙂  I call it “Colours of the Seasons“! Frankly, it was quite the ‘Stressful Painting’ rather than ‘Social Painting’ session because we found ourselves racing against time to complete our painting at the last hour. Nonetheless, I must confess that I’m pretty pleased with  my first-time efforts in creating this piece of painting as I had a relatively challenging time blending the different shades of colours on the canvas. Will I return for another session of art jamming? You bet! :p

What I about  about art jamming

1. Art therapy – The therapeutic and “Feel good” effects of being able to express oneself through the medium of art. And best of all, it’s not a competition so you don’t have to worry about competing with others!

2. Picking up new art skills. Now, I can proudly proclaim that I know how to paint using acrylic paints (doesn’t mean I have to be good at it though! HA!) on top of sketching and Chinese Painting (which I learnt way back in Primary school).

3. The convenience! Don’t have to be bothered with the cleaning up which is a major pain in the ass! 

Need extra guidance to learn how to create a piece of art from scratch? You’ll be pleased to learn that Arteastiq also organizes workshops at only $60/pax. Want to get a cheaper deal? Why not consider having a date at Arteastiq to chase away the Monday blues for a sweet 2-for-1 deal? Have fun, guys! 🙂


2 responses to “. social painting at Arteastiq .

  1. Oooh, please take me with you when you go for another session! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Oooh, please take me with you the next time you go! 😀


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