. Jack & Jill with Bausch+Lomb PV2HD Lens .

Health, comfort and outstanding vision. Now, you can have it all with Bausch + Lomb PureVision2 (R) HD contact lens – Lenses that let you see your world in high definition!

♦ High Definition™ Optics, designed to help reduce spherical aberration – a barrier to high-quality vision in low light and result in blurred vision, halos and glare.
♦ Extremely thin lens for a remarkably natural feel throughout the day.
♦ Packaged in a moisture-rich solution designed to give users an outstanding comfort on insertion.
♦ PureVision2 HD lenses are one of the more breathable lenses available.
♦ Comes in both monthly and daily disposable SofLens(R)

Jack & Jill with Bausch+Lomb PV2HD Lens

Learn about the movie: 
“Jack and Jill” is a comedy focusing on Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife, Erin (Katie Holmes) and kids, who dreads one event each year: Thanksgiving. This is when Jack’s identical twin sister Jill (also Adam Sandler) arrives . Jill’s neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down.

My say: With funny man Adam Sandler starring in Jack & Jill as both the lead character, I must say that I expected the movie to be funny and comical. Unfortunately, despite the crude humour and an excellent performance by the great Al Pacino, Jack & Jill turns out to be 1 of Sandler’s weakest movie as it seems to lack a punch.

     out of 5 

Want to enhance your movie experience?

Exceptional visual quality with High Definition Optics

The PureVision2(R) HD (aka PV2HD) lens promise to reduce blurriness in low-light conditions and sharpen the details for the wearer. The unique High Definition™ Optics design has enhanced the colour contrast and provided a crisp and clearer vision for me throughout the entire screening of “Jack & Jill”. The special effects and make-up used in the movie was pretty amazing (the transformation of Adam Sandler into a “female”) but the PV2HD lens have definitely enhanced my movie experience by creating even richer and more vivid effects for me.

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Thanks to Bausch + Lomb and OMY for this experience.

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