. staycation at Porcelain Hotel .

A short weekend getaway can do wonders for the jaded and tired soul. However,  not everyone has the luxury of time or money to head overseas for a rejuvenating holiday. As much as I would love to head to 1 of our favourite resort – Tempat Senang in Batam – for the weekend, the boy, however, has work commitments and wasn’t able to take leave from work. What’s the next best alternative? Why not settle for a relaxing weekend staycation right here in Singapore? 

And that was exactly what we did for the weekend leading to Chinese New Year! After a thorough search on Agoda for a reasonably-priced hotel (accommodation is outrageously expensive in Singapore), we eventually chose The Porcelain Hotel as it offers 1 of the cheapest rates for a boutique hotel and is only a stone’s throw away from the boy’s new workplace. $159++ for the Deluxe Room! On top of that, it is located at a prime location in Chinatown – The heart of all the CNY festivity!

What I love about The Porcelain Hotel!

#1 – The oh-so-comfortable bed that made us slept so soundly through the night!
#2 –  Free Wi-Fi … Yes, I belong to a generation that cannot live without the internet!
#3 –  The romantic lighting and ambiance of the deluxe room … so much so that I   decided to stay in throughout the entire staycation instead of heading out to join in the celebration!
#4 – Quirky porcelain-inspired touches to the room, such as the unique porcelain sink and flowers-motif mirror!

What I didn’t enjoy about The Porcelain Hotel!

#1 – The really tiny room and I’m not kidding about the size! While we didn’t expect the room to be as big as the standard business room in the average hotel, this room was way smaller than expected. Thank god that we didn’t have any luggage with us!
#2 – The lack of channels on the cable television.

With the boy away at work for the most part of the day/night (he works from 4pm to 2am), I’m basically left with no choice but to self-entertain myself during the semi-alone staycation. Here’s my girly guide to enjoy a 24-hours staycation by yourself in utter bliss and relaxation! Who ever says that we will need a boyfriend to enjoy a staycation? Lol. In fact, I’m already looking forward to the next hotel stay! :p


The cable television (AXN and STAR World) that kept me entertained as I sunk into the comfortable bed!

The boy’s iPad and the books that I have brought along for the hotel stay (didn’t do much reading in the end as I settled for the lazy option of being a couch potato!). But remember the goal of a staycation – To relax! So try not to get glued to the iPad and its 1001 apps … Take up a challenge and try to live without it for a few hours!

Having the time to pamper myself with all sorts of masks – For the face, eyes and yes, even for the hands! The ideal way to indulge in a (DIY) SPA getaway, minus the exorbitant price!

It was pure coincidence when we found out that Groupon is offering a fantastic deal on a mini-staycation at The Porcelain Hotel on the same day that we checked out of the hotel. Did a quick comparison, only to realize that the Groupon deal is slightly cheaper than what we paid for on Agoda! What a pity! 😦 Which means it’s a great deal for any of you out there who’s looking for a cheap hotel getaway either with a loved one or friends! 🙂

Click here to visit the Groupon deal – $73/pax for a 1 night stay!

One response to “. staycation at Porcelain Hotel .

  1. I never knew they were called staycations, we used to do them often when I was a kid. We haven’t done one in ages… but it does sound tempting!

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