. The Descendants with Bausch+Lomb PV2HD Lens .

High definition has taken a whole new different meaning with the introduction of the latest contact lens from Bausch + Lomb. In other words, it is simply not just the films, television or sound effects that have gone high definition … Even personal items such as the contact lens feature High Definition™ Optics that are specially designed to support high-quality vision and enhance our visibility in poor conditions such as low lighting and sun glare. Pretty amazing, huh?

Here’s introducing Bausch + Lomb PureVision2 (R) HD contact lens – Lenses that let you see your world in high definition!

♦ High Definition™ Optics, designed to help reduce spherical aberration – a barrier to high-quality vision in low light and result in blurred vision, halos and glare.
♦ Extremely thin lens for a remarkably natural feel throughout the day.
♦ Packaged in a moisture-rich solution designed to give users an outstanding comfort on insertion.
♦ PureVision2 HD lenses are one of the more breathable lenses available.
♦ Comes in both monthly and daily disposable SofLens(R)

The Descendants with Bausch+Lomb PV2HD Lens

Learn about the movie: The Descendants is set in Hawaii and follows the unpredictable journey of an American family at a crossroads. Matt King (George Clooney), a husband and father of two girls, must re-examine his past and navigate his future when his wife is in a boating accident off Waikiki. 

My say: With 26 wins (according to IMDB) under its belt and a strong contender for the Oscars 2012 Award, I must say that The Descendant is 1 of the best movies that I have watched in the recent years. A heartfelt movie with strong performances from its lead actors, The Descendants is a masterpiece that deserves the nomination in the running of Best Movie for the Oscars.

Click here to read the full review of the movie. 

    out of 5 

Want to enhance your movie experience?


With the PureVision2(R) HD (aka PV2HD) lens, I was able to enjoy The Descendants in comfort despite a long and tiring day at work. Being a frequent and long-term user of contact lens, I must say that comfort is 1 of the most important factor because it is very common to experience dryness and severe discomfort after wearing  the lens for the most part of the day. This pair of contact lens has sufficient amount of moisture to provide unsurpassed comfort for the users thus preventing the need for me to constantly blink throughout the movie. This, in turn, allowed me to watch the movie without any interruptions as there was no need for me to either refresh my eyes with eye-drops or constantly blink my eyes to create tears to keep them dewy.

Thanks to Bausch + Lomb and OMY for this experience.

CONTEST: Name 3 benefits of Bausch+Lomb ‘s High Definition™ Optics contact lens vs normal lens! Email your answer together with your name and contact number to omyadmin@gmail.com before 30 January 2011 and stand to be among five winners to each win a month supply of SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses(worth up to $110)!

*Contest winners will be picked via a random draw and will be notified via email, within one week after the contest ends. Winners’ list is final and no further correspondence will be entertained by the organisers.  

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