. the mind heist .

A record-breaking attempt to read 100 minds in 60 minutes. One of the first local act to merge illusion with social media. Here’s presenting The Mind Heist – The Ultimate Social Magic Experiment by JC SUM & Magic Babe Ning.

When I first learnt of the chance to not only be part of the live audience for  a mega-illusion show but also to participate in it, I knew, immediately, that it was something that I had to give a shot. As part of the selection process, all interested candidates had to sign up online and give a reason on why should they be selected for this event.

My answer? I would love to think that I’m Bella from Twilight and that no one else, not even vampires, is able to read my mind! I know, it’s a ridiculously lame reason but hey, it was distinguished enough to guarantee me a slot as a participant! In fact, I was very honoured to receive a call from Ning, 1 day prior to the event, who remarked that my answer is very unique.

 Another FIRST for me and a check on my TO DO list! 🙂 To participate in a magic/illusion performance!

Venue for The Mind Heist: Sinema Old School


Our numbers in order – 21 (Me) & 22 (Soy)

My assumption was that every individual would have their minds read by both JC SUM & Magic Babe Ning. Turns out that in order to keep things fresh and interesting, some of us were split into groups instead. In other words, some of us would have to collaborate as a group while the rest would remain as individuals during this illusion stint.

My dear friend, Soy, and myself were part of a group of 10 pax where we were given a task to wind the stationary hand of the clock to a certain time. My “important” task? To be the time-taker of the group and ensure that the final time (2 o’ clock) was recorded properly (but discreetly) on paper before hiding the piece of paper in my pocket. The illusionists’ job? To attempt to “read” my mind and guess the the time! Bingo! Ning managed to successfully heist my mind and got the time correct (answer: 2 o’ clock) upon first attempt! Was that spooky or what?!

1 in 100. Try spotting yours truly in the sea of crowd!


Another group of 10 participants was given a Singapore street directory, where each of them had to embark on a virtual relay journey before the last person settled on the final location. During the stint, it was left to the illusionists to “heist” the audience’ minds and decipher the exact final location. Surprise surprise, Ning got it correct (again) and was able to guess that the final location was 112 Katong Road (seriously?)!


Another trick involved the illusionists having to recreate a drawing that another group of participants had created together prior to the show. The details of the recreated drawing were so similar to the original piece that it had everyone in awe!



JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning, together with the President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115, with their “Patrons of Magic” award and Certificate from the Singapore Book of Records.


Honestly, I’m a skeptic (when it comes to magic) through and through and have my own opinions on  the “mind heist” illusion. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, not only did the entertaining performance captivated the hearts of the audience, but it also kept the journalists and media spellbound and wanting for more! More importantly, I got to walk away from this memorable experience with an autographed poster and the rare opportunity to  play a really minor role in a magic show! 🙂

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