. singapore food trail .

History comes to life as the Singapore Flyer attempts to bring back the nostalgic feel and charm of the olden days of Singapore with the Singapore Food Trail, a 1960s-theme food court. From the retro cutlery to the pushcart style food stalls, the interior of the food court has been specially designed and decorated to recreate a scene out of the bustling street market back in the days. As part of their effort to complete the authentic 1960s dining experience, original stallholders of long-established food stalls were also invited to set up a stall at the trail thus not compromising on the quality of the food served. You can even find Singapore’s only iceball dessert over here!

A sucker for all things that are vaguely associated with heritage and history, I have came across many positive reviews of the Singapore Food Trail from various blogs and have been wanting to visit it for the longest time. Hence, when the boy suggested heading to a posh restaurant to celebrate my 24th birthday last year, I opted to have a simple (and cost-saving) dinner at the trail instead. Taste of hawker favourites! Hard to go wrong with that! :p

My verdict? For a dining place that promises mouthwatering and authentic hawker feast, I must admit that I was a tad disappointed by the rather average dishes. Tried some of the recommended dishes (as recommended by bloggers) such as the fried oysters, hokkein mee and popiah and other than the oyster omelette that lived up to its expectations, I personally feel that I have tried more  delicious hawker dishes in other food courts/markets.

Katong Keah Kee Fried Oysters

A plate of gong gong seashells from Boon Tat Seafood BBQ

Chinatown Ann Chin Popiah (minimum 2 rolls of popiah for $4)

Newton Lim Kee Hokkein Mee

A thrift corner that has a small range of 2nd-hand and pre-loved vintage treasures on display. Vintage finds that date back to our parents’, or even grandparents’ generation! Interested in getting your hands on a piece of antique? While the items at the Singapore Food Trail are not on sale, you might like to know that you will be able to find many similar vintage knick-knacks at some of the antique shops in Chinatown. The boy & I will be keeping our eyes peeled for reasonably-priced (and functional) vintage film cameras!

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