. Here’s to 2012 .

Just took a look at the resolutions that I had written on my blog a year ago and I must say that I have done a pretty good job in fulfilling those resolutions in the past year (with the exception of driving and shaping up – both of which have been on the list since forever).

Some highlights include:

♦ Spending more time with the ones who matter most – My Family
♦ Getting the job transfer & gaining valuable work skills in my current line of work

♦ Picked up new design skills and graduated with a certificate in Visual Communications
♦ Finally learn how to swim with confidence
♦ Seeing the growth & accomplishments of this humble blog 

Brand new year, brand new resolutions and “TO DO” list.

1. Living a healthy lifestyle

Been feeling extremely lethargic lately, no thanks to a lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits and a new *relatively* desk-bound job. So, I hope to embark on a healthier lifestyle – Drink more water (very guilty of not doing so), eat more greens & fruits, exercise regularly and perhaps, attend a mediation class or two to clear my mind.

2. Be truly contented about all that I have been blessed
In a nutshell, to stop comparing (Especially when it comes to salary) and learn to be contented with what I’ve been blessed so far – Good bill of health, a fantastic and loving (immediate) family, an understanding and loving boyfriend, loyal dogs, a good job that pays me a comfortable salary and a close knit of friends. Stop comparing.

1. Enroll myself in a scuba diving class
 Now that I have finally learn how to swim and thread water, I’m hoping to put my new-found skills to better use by picking up scuba diving! Have already signed up for theory classes using the Groupon voucher so I’m really looking forward to be enthralled by the tranquility of the marine world.

2. Learn how to play a musical instrument
 Well, I’m probably the least musically-inclined person that anyone knows. Heck, I dont even sing karaoke with my friends because I’m practically tone-deaf! It will definitely be exciting to see if this little goal takes off eventually.

3. Learn more about social media initiatives
 Let’s just say that social media is here to stay so it’s crucial, especially for someone in the Marketing industry, to be aware of the latest social media initiatives and developments. First step? To get a Twitter account so that I can keep in touch with my friends who are seemingly only available on Twitter. Lol.

1. Reconnect with old friends
 2011 saw me leading a less active social life as I was caught up in work and night classes. As I grow older, I soon came to realise that there are some friendships that we ought to let go. Up till last year, I always feel that friendships should be here to stay and true indeed, I have tried making many efforts to organise regular dates and catch-up sessions with various groups of friends. However, as each of us gets busy leading our own lives (thanks to work, relationship & marriage), friendship takes a step back and is of lower priority. Come this year, I’m determined to reconnect with some of my old friends/cliques whom I haven’t been in contact with for the past year.

2. Visit MK’s family more regularly
Made a promise to the boy that I’ll make the effort to visit his family at least once a month.

3. Make a return trip to Cambodia to visit the kids at Kolap 4


2 responses to “. Here’s to 2012 .

  1. Waiting for you to join twitter! Be an active tweeter!

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