. new year’s eve & new year .

How was everyone’s NYE countdown celebrations?

“Being simple” seems to be the key to my life these days. It’s ironic that the boy and I never had the chance to celebrate a New Year’s countdown (no thanks to his industry) since we first got together at the stroke of midnight during the 2008 countdown party in Zouk. By a stroke of luck, the boy was finally free for this year’s countdown and I was contemplating partying till the sun comes up … That is until the boy caught a massive flu bug just a day before NYE and we had to settle for something, well, mild. In the end, we settled for a lovely yet intimate countdown in the company of my loved ones – my parents. Dropped by a heartland countdown party at Punggol East to have our wishes written on the sky lantern (which were released into the sky at midnight) and got a gift (a pair of lighted Mickey Mouse ears) from the boy! Traveled all the way to the West to catch a glimpse of the Boon Lay Countdown Party before realising that it was simply a pasar malam before rushing all the way to the heart of the countdown celebrations – Marina Bay. Unfortunately, we were caught in a terrible jam and missed out on catching a glimpse of the spectacular fireworks!

I must admit that in comparison to the previous countdowns – Sentosa Siloso Beach, Clarke Quay, Orchard, Zouk – , the countdown to 2012 was a lot quieter and more intimate. To quote Marc Lim in his recent article that was published on The Sunday Times, “It may have taken me a while to figure it out, but no amount of partying can substitute the joy one gets from being around loved ones.” Very well said, indeed.


01/01/2012 marks our 4th anniversary and we decided to opt for a simple affair  (yet again) this year. Headed to 1 of our favourite place – IKEA – to shop for a new *bigger* bed! Believe it or not but the boy and I have been squeezing into a single bed every time he comes over to my place for a sleepover!

3 lucky bamboo plants and 1 bulldog toy later, we headed to Jack’s Place to celebrate our 4th anniversary. 

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