. London Calling by Bloodbuzz .

A kind of magic that gets your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping. It makes your palms sweat, your pupils dilate and your tummy twirl in anticipation. It is a delicious madness. Almost like falling in love headfirst. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, it’s the Bloodbuzz way.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a “Save The Date” email from Kimberly, the designer of the up and coming home-grown label, Bloodbuzz. As a gesture of appreciation for being one of their first few shoppers (I still remember emailing Kimberly to sell me the pre-launch Hollywood Summer LBD so that I can wear it for the OMY Singapore Blog Awards!) , she has invited me to the exclusive fashion media trunk-show to preview the launch of their Christmas collection.

3 little words to describe her collection: Chic. Stylish. Edgy. My favourite pieces are definitely the bareback dresses (elegant with a touch of sexiness) and lace dresses & tops (been huge on lace and crochet lately). I must admit that the apparels do not come cheap (averaging around $50-90) if you were to compare it to the mass pieces offered by many blogshops. However, bear in mind that you  are paying for good quality pieces that are not only uniquely designed by Kim but also produced in limited quantities (only 25-50 yards of fabrics used/piece). Now, would you rather be dressed in an exclusive and fashionable piece or look like 1 of the many ladies on the street?

My favourite picks
Hollywood Summer LBD

Carousel Circles
Le Noir

Lace & Whisky
Zero Gravity 

Miss out on all the fun & action? Not to worry. Here are some peek-a-boo for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

Turns out that the super hot model, Jade Griffin, is currently working at the same club as the boy! What a small world, indeed! And if you think she’s gorgeous in pictures, just wait till you meet her in real life. Stunning! 🙂

Having fun with funky props at the instant photobooth (check out Baicapture!)
♥ Polaroids!

The inspiration behind the label 

Bloodbuzz is based on a shared camaraderie for beautiful dreamers who believe in the joy of aesthetics and who speak the universal language of style. Placing a high emphasis on personal style, Bloodbuzz believes in a happy coexistence between trend and individualism. The label envisions its wearer as a confident woman who has an appreciation for understated luxury and a passion for life, art and fashion.

Bloodbuzz is a design aesthetic best defined as an eclectic juxtaposition of wearable elegance and edge. It was founded and launched in 2011 by designer Kimberly K Wong and numbers whiz/adrenaline junkie Daren Tan.

Click here to shop now!
Bloodbuzz Facebook

* Thanks to Kimberly K for the invitation! 

6 responses to “. London Calling by Bloodbuzz .

  1. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. Hi Stephanie! Glad you could make it to the Bloodbuzz debut trunk show! I hope you had a lovely time! See you soon, I hope! Lots of love, Kimberly, Bloodbuzz xx

  3. i love the red dress with a big bow but it’s 90 bucks! OMG!

  4. Nice recommendation! I like the service that they provide; if the size is not right, exchange can be done. Makes me more open to the idea of shopping for clothes online.

    • Yes! There are some blogshops that sell clothes that are so tiny that i look like im bursting when i wear them. However, they have a no exchange policy so it kinda deters me from buying from those shops again.

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