. luxury at your finger tips .

How time flies. 

I was looking at my collection of pictures taken through my schooling years when the section on Prom Night caught my attention. Those were the days when my girlfriends and I would eagerly experiment with make-up and indulge in retail therapy so that we can look our absolute best for the very special occasion. Such a celebration, however, came with a hefty price as I (or rather, my parents) blew hundreds of dollars just to get the perfect dress, shoes and accessories – The look had to be perfect. Come to think of it, I still do have the 2 pieces of gowns that I wore for my Secondary School & JC prom nights in my closet … Tucked in a corner and hardly worn. In fact, seeing how I keep purchasing new clothes these days, I doubt that I would ever be wearing those dresses anytime soon. 

Does this scenario sound similar? Well, lucky for you folks, the creative brains behind DRESS SENSE have made it extremely convenient for ordinary folks like us to don a celebrity-studded/branded gown for only a fraction of its price. 

Multi-label boutique, DRESS SENSE is one of the pioneers to introduce the “Rent A Dress” concept locally. Renting a dress is as simple as ABC. Once the perfect dress has caught your eye, rent it from DRESS SENSE at a fraction of its price and have as much fun dolling yourself up with it for 2 weeks! Love the dress so much that you are finding it a challenge to part with it? Well, you’re in luck as DRESS SENSE also gives you the option of buying the dress! DRESS SENSE also carries bags and jewellery for rent/purchase to match your perfect dress!

Dressing up has never been so effortless and guilt-free!
Visit Dress Sense at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #03-29A now!

For more updates on their new arrivals and exclusive promotions, do visit their website and facebook!

Website: http://www.dress-sense.sg/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dress.sense


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