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. 12 hours in Batam .

As most of you would have known by now, I’m a HUGE fan of coupon websites such as Groupon and DEAL.com.sg and frankly, those deals – as cheap as they might be – are collectively burning a hole in my pocket! Especially when it comes to fabulous travel deals that are irresistible! $25 for a sight-seeing tour around the island of Batam? Sounds like a plan for both Sok and I to have a girly time together on a lovely Sunday! 

A day in Batam on a commission-driven tourist route
Well, the title is pretty much self-explanatory although I must say that it was still an eye-opening experience for me to see Batam outside of Tempat Senang (which is the only place that I’ve visited in Batam over the past couple of years). 

1st stop: Beng Kong Dry Market 

2nd stop: Kueh Lapis Home Made Outlet
Kueh Lapis is synonymous with Batam so it didn’t come as a surprise that a visit to 1 of the many Batam Layer Cake shops/factory is a must-do in the itinerary.

3rd stop: Lunch at the famous Golden Prawn Restaurant 933
For $25 for an all-inclusive day tour, there’s really nothing much to complain about the quality of the food over at 933. Love the gong gong seashells so much that I could almost polish up the entire plate by myself! 

Batam-style wedding “Congratulations” announcements
Super old school! 

4th stop: Batam Miniature House Park  
The park is a miniature collection of Indonesian architecture as it showcases the different types of traditional houses built across the 33 provinces in Indonesia.

The visit to the miniature house park was probably the highlight of the trip as it not only provided us lots of opportunity to utilize our cameras (in other words, cam-whore) but also gave us a slight glimpse into the Indonesian culture. 

5th stop: Tua Pek Kong Temple, also known as the Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple. A quick pit stop for the believers to offer prayers and for the rest to take a look at the courtyard statues and mythical-influenced paintings. 

Interesting fact: Do you know that this was the original temple that was located in Kusu Island, Singapore before the 1980’s? 

Following our visits to the various typical tourist spots, we headed for our much-awaited scrub/massage session before ending our day at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall (trust me, it’s a bore). Not exactly the most exciting getaway but I welcome any overseas day trip as it provides the much-needed respite to break free from the monotony of life! 🙂