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. The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa .

The Fragipani Langkawi Resort & Spa prides itself as 1 of the most, if not the most, environmentally friendly resort in the main island of Langkawi. With the rise of tourism in the recent years, it is inevitable that tourism has negatively affected the environment and nature in many ways. Hence, in its quest to practice sustainable and responsible tourism, the management of the resort has incorporated several eco-friendly practices that gives it a competitive edge over the other resorts and hotels. 

Walking the Talk: The accolade of Green Awards in recognition of the environmental practices by the resort 

Pool fanatics will be delighted to know that the resort has 2 huge pools and a cozy jacuzzi for your swimming pleasure! 

Sea salt water pool 

Main pool 


Why not consider staying in 1 of the resort’s chalet-style villa to enrich your romantic tropical getaway? For those who like to wake up to greenery, you might like to spend the night at the Garden View Villa that completes your getaway among the lush foliage. To enjoy the sea breeze and soothing sounds of the crashing waves, there’s also the option of choosing a sea view or beachfront villa!

The highlight: Showering under the stars in the al-fresco rain shower bathroom! 

* Room rates start from MYR 630 for a Garden View Villa

All guests staying in the resort will be given a complimentary (FREE!) tour around the resort grounds, as well as its 0-waste eco farm. This interesting yet insightful tour has definitely given us a better understanding of what the resort has accomplished in order to promote environmental sustainability. 


Do you know that the resort even tries to treat the sewage and dirty water with natural means by using certain plants such as the hyacinths and water mimosa? Basically, the waste water from the resort will be channeled into the wetland (Where the 0-waste farm is located at) where these water plants will do its job in cleansing the water. Once the water is partially treated, it will be reused for plant irrigation as it contains a relatively high level of nutrients and minerals. Very impressive although I must admit that I was quite skeptical at the start. 

To involve the employees in promoting responsible tourism, the management has encouraged each department (E.g. Housekeeping, Kitchen, Reception, Spa & Wellness) to take up a mini green project – By growing plants and herbs in these recycled bath tubs! 


My review: Well, the fact that I’m dedicating an entry purely for The Frangipani Resort & Spa instead of the other 2 hotels that we stayed during our trip (which, honestly, are not even worth mentioning) pretty much sums up my wonderful stay at the resort. The casual and unpretentious ambiance of the tropical resort evokes a rustic and laidback charm that completes a relaxing beach vacation. In fact, as part of our Frangipani experience, we were also treated to a healthy organic feast consisting of Frangipani tea and Frangipani fritters (which tasted surprisingly yummy!). 

It’s one thing to stay in an eco-friendly resort and it’s another to be educated about the different green initiatives and I personally think that the resort has successfully blended life with nature by offering its guests a complimentary eco-tour. Perhaps it’s the psychological effect but it definitely makes me feel slightly more responsible to be staying in a resort with a difference. My only regret was that we didn’t get to try out the spa treatments due to a lack of time! 😦 

The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa 
1237 Jalan Teluk Baru
07000 Langkawi, Malaysia