. discount coupon code for DEAL.com.sg .

Just like any other gals, I love to indulge in retail therapy … Minus the insane crowds in town! Hence, discount websites such as Groupon, DEAL.com.sg and Outlet are perfect solutions for an online shopaholic like me. Just a click away and I’ve gotten myself something new!

So for folks who are as crazy about discount sites as I do, here’s a piece of great news for you all! Thanks to the nice folks over at DEAL.com.sg, I managed to work out a mini collaboration with them for  an e-discount code for my friends and readers! Simply key in the discount code when making your purchase on DEAL.com.sg to enjoy a further 5% discount off any of the deals! Shiok right? 

Enjoy an additional 5% discount off ANY daily deals! 

E-Discount Coupon Code:
* Code is valid from 8th October to 10th November 2011. 


In the spirit of sharing and giving, I would like to present a voucher that I just purchased off DEAL.com.sg for my next giveaway! Here’s your chance to sample the ramen dishes at the award-winning Kyo Nichi Collagen Ramen Japanese Restaurant for free! For those of you who are craving for a hearty meal of ramen, please do drop me an email or comment! 

Have fun shopping! 



6 responses to “. discount coupon code for DEAL.com.sg .

  1. I always have the craving for japanese food. Hope i can try out this restaurant’s ramen

  2. collagen for the oldie! *waves 🙂

  3. OMG. Did someone say RAMEN?! My whatsapp status is permanently set to “Ramen Monster” so yes, I’d like to sample some ramen please!

    Now, you’ve got me craving for ramen with this post. Nom nom nom.

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