. the studio cocktail bar .

There are a couple of things that the boy loves almost as much as he adores me – The night entertainment, alcoholic drinks, great DJ mixes and an awesome watering hole to hang out with his buddies. Night spots are aplenty in Singapore but the boy and I found ourselves making our way to this newly-opened intimate bar called The Studio on a Sunday night. 

Opened by 2 young Indonesian babes, the concept behind The Studio and its wide range of signature in-house cocktails are creatively crafted by MK’s buddy, Ethan. Essentially, The Studio aims to be your home away from home and is designed such that it looks like a stylish and chic studio pad, complete with eclectic furniture and even a cozy corner with curtains called “The Bedroom”! Kinky huh? :p  

I’ve always been impressed by budding entrepreneurs who have taken the less trodden path to pursue their dreams of opening up a place/business of their own. Hence, despite it being a Sunday evening (you know, Sunday blues!), I found myself looking forward to check out this new joint and what it has to offer. The Studio represents a fusion of contemporary and individualistic styles and is a charming bar loft for both the young and the young at heart!

* Ethan, thanks for the invitation!  

What’s a bar without its cocktails right? Over at The Studio, you will be delighted to know that there’s an array of  international and special in-house cocktails to suit both the reserved and adventurous! Heed my advice and try my ultimate favourite drink – Autumn Affair ( a concoction of Baileys, milk and fresh strawberries). Absolutely yummy! 🙂 

Some fun-filled pictures taken on the opening night with Kelvin’s makeshift inverted fisheye lens! Funky. 

The man behind the bar & cocktails – Ethan
Want a customized drink to cater to your  taste buds? Well, he’s the man to look for! 

* all pics credit to The Studio and Kelvin

Facebook: The Studio
Address: 778 North Bridge Road
Operating Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 5pm – 12am
Friday- Sat: 5pm – 2am
Sunday: 5pm – 12am  

2 responses to “. the studio cocktail bar .

  1. Cool! Maybe i can ask my drinking buddies to check out this place.. But they are more of the beer & wine kinda people.. Still, thanks for introducing!

    • you guys should definitely check out this new joint. It’s pretty cozy and intimate plus i promise that you will love the sweet cocktails. I’m never a fan of alcoholic drinks but i must admit that i love the autumn affair at first taste! 🙂 they do have a selection of beer but not too sure about wines. let me know when you visit yea?

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