. an evening of pampering at Jean Yip Loft .

Welcome to the Jean Yip Loft. Let us CHECK-IN! 

Level 1: Lifestyle Cafe + Shop

When life gets tough and hectic, what we really need is a well-deserved break and a jolly good time with our girlfriends and pals.White Cafe (which, by the way, looks like it came straight out of a home & decor catalog) seems like a whimsical place where you can marry your craving for sweet treats and pastries with your love for having fun with friends. 

Level 2: Multiple Purpose Hall 

The multiple-purpose hall, located on Level 2, is an intimate area to hold a function or event of your choice for small groups of people.

Level 3: Scalp and Hair Treatments 

Oriental Hair Solutions, the sister brand to Jean Yip, goes beyond the usual treatments offered at the many Jean Yip salons dotted around our tiny island. Instead, it focuses on the internal health of the hair and scalp and thus offers many herbal and natural treatments to solve the root of the problem.

Deluxe Hair Treatment  

Thanks to Christine from Jean Yip, I was lucky enough to have been presented with the opportunity to try their Deluxe Hair Spa treatment. My oily scalp was first treated and massaged with a soothing cleansing serum before my therapist (Look for the friendly Bee Bee) applied a layer of deep hydrating mask to the remaining of the hair. Following which, I received an amazing head, shoulder and back massage (combined with essential oil to calm those frazzled nerves). The best part? The whole treatment was done while I was lying on a “bed” hence making my experience so invigorating that I felt almost too tempted to doze off! The end result? My tresses felt really smooth and soft and I walked away not only with a smile on my face but also with a glow of pure awesomeness! 🙂 

Level 4: Hand, Foot, Nail Services 

Our feet and hands are usually the most neglected parts of our bodies. After all, we use them almost every minute and for all occasions but somehow, they are never that appreciated. Thus, it’s about time that we treat our overworked hands and feet to an indulgent spa session. Classic manicure, pedicure and foot reflexology – You might be spoilt for choices but the end result is the same … Be prepared to leave the loft with a healthy glow! 

Level 5: Ladies-only Wellness

To coax the stress from your exhausted body, Jean Yip Loft has came up with a wide range of massages and wellness programs. Start your holistic journey at the lobby that is specially infused with an aromatherapy oil to soothe your nerves. After which, get ready to drift into a relaxing mood with 1 of the Loft’s signature treatment – Take your pick from the Deep Tissue Massage to the Anti-Oxidant Green Tea body mask to the Sea Salt Glow body polish! Simply, a retreat to promote wellness and relaxation. 

Love to get a fair and flawless complexion? Why not give Asia’ first Whitening Collagen machine a try? This 3-in-1 machine aims to 1) Whiten your full body, 2) Promote collagen growth and 3) Provide slimming effects! 

Level 6: Wellness for both genders

Similar to level 5, level 6 also offers a good range of body care programs. Only this time round, this extends to not just the ladies but also to the males. Want to give your partner a lovely spa surprise? Well, this is the level that you should be looking at as it offers private couple rooms! 

Boosting a spectacular city skyline, it is no doubt that rooftop parties are fast gaining popularity amongst many of us. Likewise, members of the public are invited to party with a view at Jean Yip Loft’s exclusive rooftop – consisting of a full cocktail bar and spa pool. Can’t think of an ideal location to host a wild Hen’s night or a romantic ROM with your loved ones? Look no further than the roof garden sanctuary where you will be treated to a magnificent view of the city and its stunning lights! 

Now, the question is – Where is this Jean Yip Loft? Located just a stone throw from Outram Mrt, the 7-storey building aims to be a 1-stop destination to promote beauty and wellness. The loft has also been specially designed such that it looks like a boutique hotel, inside out. Each level has been decorated with dim yet romantic lightings and infused with different therapeutic essential oil to provide a warm and intimate ambiance. Essentially, Jean Yip Loft aims to provide the customer more than just a service … It wants to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

Unlike other spas that I have visited, I was not only served a lovely cup of ginger tea (Always a fav of mine), but also a bowl of dessert after my deluxe hair treatment. The first of its kind that I have ever come across! 

♥  The personalized touch – from the beautifully decorated flowers that deck the hallways of the loft on every level (all flowers have been personally arranged by 1 of their director) to having precious gems tucked in a corner of the rooms to increase the flow of energy. In addition, all customers will be assigned to a particular therapist who will accompany them throughout their entire treatment, therefore rendering personalized service. 

My silky and soft tresses and an overall pampering experience! Now, do I really want to check out of the loft? 

More information on Jean Yip Loft

Website:  Jean Yip Loft
Address: 307 New Bridge Road ( a stone throw from Outram MRT)
Contact: 63257307
Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm 

*This experience is made possible thanks to Christine from Jean Yip Group. 


2 responses to “. an evening of pampering at Jean Yip Loft .

  1. Ooh how’s the hair treatment? I need to DESPERATELY fix my hair soon. Maybe look for a hair sponsor or something. 😦 Sigh.

    The Moonberry Blog

    • The hair treatment is pretty good although the effects didn’t last for too long :/ Your hair looks fab, babe… Mine has been rather chemically processed due to my urge to colour it frequently! lol.

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