. make your own terrarium .

Just last weekend, my colleague and I have successfully organised a DIY- Make Your Own Terrarium wellness workshop for about 30 colleagues of ours. This idea has been on my mind since Serene and I first came across these lovely bottled gardens during a street market sometime back in April. There’s just something about greenery and flowers that put a smile across my face although I must admit that I’m no green thumb (In fact, I’m absolutely horrible with plants … almost all plants that I’ve attempted growing have since withered and died on me)! 😦  Hence, the hassle-free and extremely low-maintenance terrarium is simply THE PERFECT type of plant for me! 🙂

Do you know? 
A terrarium is its own miniature eco-system and there is no need to water the plants for months! Get this, our instructor doesn’t even water his terrarium until 15 – 18 months later … Is this even possible?! 

Step-by-step (BASIC) guide on making your own terrarium 

1. Things you need: An enclosed jar (for beginners, it’s always best to choose a container with a wide mouth), sterilized potting soil, tiny stones and suitable plants.

2. First layer: Place the bag of small stones at the bottom of the jar as it helps with the drainage. 

3. Second Layer: After which, place a layer of soil on top of the stones. Use a tool to flatten and level the soil. 

4. The suitable type(s) of plants: Well, of course, I’m no expert in suggesting the types of plants that go well with a terrarium but according to our instructor, it is best to use small plants that thrive under very humid conditions for closed terrariums. Some suggested plants include: Pilea, Fittonias (like the ones below), Selaginellas and moss. 

5. It’s planting time: Dig a shallow hole in the soil for the parts that you intend to place the plants at. After potting the plants, pour the excess soil around the plants and ensure that the soil is compressed and that the roots are well covered. Get a spray bottle (attached with a spray nozzle) and spray about 20 times. Finally, place a small block of charcoal at a corner so that it can filter the air and keep it relatively clean. 

6. The fun begins: Let your imagination runs wild as you adorn your miniature garden with all sorts of decorative items! Be it sculptures, handicrafts, miniature toys (I got the tiny duck at Mini Toons) or colourful sand, the choice is yours and get ready for a blast in beautifying your own terrarium! 🙂 

To our utter delight, our company has expressed keen interest in covering our workshop in the quarterly newsletter so I cannot wait to share the short article with all readers once it’s published! 🙂

Interesting mini terrarium necklaces

4 responses to “. make your own terrarium .

  1. That looks like so much fun! Where did you get your sand, stones and plants?

    • I got the colourful sand from JM Florist but you should be able to get it easily at any florist/garden shops. As for the stones and plants, do try 1 of those plant shops at upper thomson! Far East is a good choice! 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanie! I really love your your idea of creating your own terrarium! 🙂 Just want to check though, the plants that you used (Fittonias), are they still alive now? As I did some googling, and it says that Fittonias need to be watered regularly! Btw, do you cover the jar mouth? Last but not least, are the Fittonias expensive? Thanks for answering my questions,a million thanks!!:D

    • Hi Ling 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes, it’s been 3 mths since I created my terrarium and they are still doing great! Well, i only water them once a week with a mist spray and so far, it’s been good… Lives up to my expectation of being a hassle-free and low maintenance plant! According to our instructor, terrariums (with the exception of cactus and similar plants) should be placed in a closed environment as it keeps the environment humid thus encouraging growth.

      You can get Fittonias at any major wholesale florist. Saw many at Far East Flora and JM going for about $5/small pot (if im not mistaken)! 🙂

      You may like to visit this page to print out the steps to making your own terrarium – https://timelessbeauty.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/terrarium-workshop.jpg

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