. escape to bintan .

Crystal clear blue waters, pristine beaches, crystalline white and powdery sand …  Now, that is our ideal of a dream vacation. What comes to mind immediately is the picture perfect island paradise of Bora Bora or Maldives. Having watched so many travelogues on TLC, I can only imagine how exciting and romantic it must be to live in 1 of those luxurious water villas perched above the turquoise waters that opens up to the open lagoon!

Alas, reality strike and it hit upon us that we are, unfortunately, not rich enough to splurge on an outrageously expensive getaway to the breathtakingly beautiful atolls and islands. Hence, we had to fulfill our dreams of staying in an overwater bungalow at the (really) budget resort located in the rustic South-eastern part of Bintan. Minus the hefty price tag, azure blue waters and exclusive service, a short and cheap getaway to the laidback Yasin Bungalow in Bintan sounds just the perfect vacation for budget-conscious people like us to get away and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing. 

Name of resort: Yasin Bungalow 
Accommodation:  Deluxe Sea Wooden Bungalow 
 Cost: $38/night, excluding $10 return transportation from ferry terminal

* Love it: A hidden gem tucked in the off-the-beaten-track part of Bintan. Staying in an over-water hut and being treated to such a fantastic view of the open sea. Receiving warm hospitality by the service staff. Having the luxury of doing nothing and simply enjoy the time passing by. Experiencing a sense of rustic tranquility at only a fraction of its price. 

* Hate it:  A very basic and no-frills resort that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you cannot stand coming home to cold showers, a toilet bowl that uses a pail system to flush and a room that is shared with bugs and lizards, then perhaps a night stay at Yasin might be deemed as a nightmare for you! 

♥ Our little wooden balcony that overlooks the infinite horizon. The deluxe bungalow (the only 1 in the resort) offers a little more privacy as it is located at the far end of the resort. The al fresco deck is also a good place for us to stare out at the open sea, read a book and get serenaded by the mellow and therapeutic sounds of the crashing waves. 

Day dreaming about having our very own island (Let me tell you a secret – As poor as I might be, it has became an occasional habit for me to check out on the various “Islands for Sale” websites, in hopes that I will be able to purchase one of my own… Someday!) as we walked to the nearby rocky island located off the resort. For a good 20 mins, the entire island was ours as the boy tried to entertain me with his flairing skills and me preferring to explore the rocky atoll with a camera in hand and cam-whore. LOL! 

Catching another splendid sunset with the boy in another country. It’s a oh-so-typical and cliche-but-must-do romantic thing that  we always try to do together  whenever we are abroad! 

Having dinner with the boy at a little wooden hut that faces the sea. Located just a stone throw from Yasin Bungalow (5 mins walk), this little family-run restaurant offers both tourists and locals alike a chance to dine with a view. We ordered ourselves a plate of maggi mee goreng, nasi goreng, sambal kang kong, gong gong (love seafood!), 1 pint of beer and 1 glass of ice lemon tea and to our utter surprise, the total bill only came up to around SGD$13! While we were dining, we were also lucky enough to spot local families playing with miniature fireworks that burst into flames in the midst of darkness! Quite a romantic sight, indeed. 

Waking up to the phenomenal view of the sun rising above the horizon, giving the boy a light kiss on the cheek before falling back to sleep 

♥ The highlight of our short trip to Bintan – An excursion to the picturesque White Sand Island (also known as Pulau Beralas Pasir). So, we might not have been able to visit Maldives or Mauritius but we had White Sand Island all to ourselves (other than its only inhabitant – a guy selling drinks and its very friendly dog that greeted us once we came on-shore)! Spent the precious hour frolicking and swimming in the azure blue sea. Who would have ever thought that it is actually possible to come across such a beautiful island in Bintan! Simply, a little piece of paradise! 🙂 

Cost: $20/pax for 1 hour at White Sand Island, inclusive of a 10mins speedboat ride from the sister resort, Bintan Agro. Transportation from Yasin to Bintan Agro is free and can be arranged at the reception. 

We’ll be back, that’s for sure. 


6 responses to “. escape to bintan .

  1. love bintan! no its not as fancy as most beaches but you’re right that it’s a good getaway. i also stayed at yasin but not the delux bungalow…we actually had to change rooms because the first room they gave us had tons of dead cockroaches in it! eww

    your pictures are super dreamy btw 🙂

    • Thanks Kira! Yes, i saw your blog entry on Yasin as well! Honestly, I have never heard about this part of Bintan till a couple months’ back. Guess we are so used to seeing the countless of ads on Bintan resorts, Club Med and all the other big hotels in the northern part of Bintan! lol.

  2. really lots of lizards??

    • Well, on a good note you can’t really see the lizards… can only hear them so it takes the fear away. Trust me, im very freaked out by lizards too but putting that aside, i think a stay at Yasin is worth it:)

  3. we will be here next week! (excited!)

    • excited for u guys too! will u guys be heading to Yasmin? If so, I guarantee that you will fall in love with the place, esp if you are up for a laidback and rustic environment 🙂 been following your blog on an ad-hoc basis. would love to follow ur path and travel around the world!

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