. much love monday + giveaway .

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted a Much Love Monday entry but I’m back again! 
Mini weekend getaway with the boy to Bintan ♥ Being inspired by beautiful blogs such as rockstar diaries & bleubird vintage ♥ Being crafty and making my very first terrarium … Can’t wait to buy mini accessories and start decorating it ♥ Receiving news that the DIY terrarium workshop will be covered in my company’s newsletter! A BIG Hooray to our team for a job well done! ♥ Beautifying my eyebrows by getting myself a creative eyebrow embroidery ♥  Sharing the love with all readers by conducting a giveaway!

Sometimes, the best things in life are FREE!  

To celebrate the joy of sharing, I’ve decided to conduct a mini giveaway – A little tin filled with lotsa adorable and cute stickers that are bound to make your day! To get a shot of winning yourself this set of stationery, all you have to do is to drop a comment or send me an email … It’s just that easy and simple! Free local & international postage! 🙂


Chase away the Monday blues by sharing what you love with others!

5 responses to “. much love monday + giveaway .

  1. hiiee

    just puhrusin around wordpress and i found your site and id like to enter your giveaway 🙂 i like your blog, very cute ^^

  2. hi there!!! am a new (but BIG) fan of your blog :))))
    had to say “HI!!! I WANT!!!!” (lol) when i saw the absolutely cute stickers. am in my 30s now (eeps), but *gosh* love em’ stickers still like i was 5. lol. let me just tell you, u NEVER grow outta cute (stickery) things. i still haven’t hahahah 😉 thanks for your blog. it’s lovely … xxoo

  3. will i be the lucky one? 🙂

  4. The stickers are too cute to be missed! I’d like to take part in the giveaway!

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