. little ruby jane taylor .


We have always been told that life is unpredictable and fragile … Very often, we let moments slip through our fingers without truly taking the time to cherish these fast moments and count the blessings that we have received in many ways. I was reading Taza’s whimsical blog when I came across her special mention about the inspirational Ruby Jane Taylor. Barely only 3 months old, little Ruby Jane was diagnosed with Caroli Disease (a case of biliary abnormality and liver failure) and had to undergo a series of medical treatments & transfusion. Unfortunately, she passed away and went home to her heavenly Father late last week.

Despite being a total stranger to Ruby Jane and her family, I couldn’t help but to tear as I read through the entire blog from her birth to her death.  It made me wonder, how and why could someone so young and innocent suffer so much? Was it fair to her and her loved ones? Reading about the tumult of emotions that her parents went through, I can only imagine how difficult and heart-breaking it must be for them to struggle through those moments, living in pain that their little precious baby had to go through so much distress and in fear that she could possibly leave them real soon. On a positive note, her short stint on Earth has inspired and motivated many others – from family members to friends to total strangers – to start reflecting upon their lives. Her life,  albeit a short one, has been a celebration of faith, strength, love and courage. By opening up their private lives and struggle with finding the best treatment for their baby girl, Ani and Matt has shown the thousands of us what selfless and unconditional love is all about and have inspired many others to consider registering to be an organ donor.

In retrospect, I’ve been complaining instantly to the boy and my friends about how exhausted I am dealing with something I have zero passion and interest in on a daily basis amongst many other minor issues but yet, do I really know I lucky and blessed I am in so many ways? I’m healthy, have an extremely loving and understanding family, a boyfriend who dotes on me, 2 faithful and adorable furkids, great friends, a job that pays me well enough and of course, a life that I’m generally contented with. In other words, I ought to cultivate a habit to live for the present (always a challenge for a planner like me!) and stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Now, friends and readers, have you considered taking a moment to think back about your life and blessings? If today was your last day on Earth, what are the things that you would like to do to make it worthwhile? Surround yourself in a sea of branded and luxury goods? Head to a religious place to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness? Be merry, drink and party hard? Do something crazy … something that you never thought you would do, e.g. skydiving or mooning in public? Or, simply spend the last moments expressing your love and gratitude towards your loved ones – Be it family or friends? Think about it.

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  1. thank you for this sweet tribute to our baby. it means a lot.

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