. much love monday .


This week, ♥   Waking up to see both my dogs sleeping beside me on their doggie mattress ♥ Shopping for cheap loots and looking out for them in the mailbox ♥ Spending motherly-daughter time by going for a swiss apple stem cell facial together ♥  Having a romantic candlelight dinner with the boy along 1 of the restaurant at Robertson Quay ♥  Looking forward to great deals on Groupon every day! 

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8 responses to “. much love monday .

  1. Those sound like all the kinds of things I would love too! And love the photo! 🙂

    • Oh no.. I forgot to add the source for the pic. Let me do so now. Sad to say, I’m one of those who love the weekends and dread the start of the work week! 😦 Officially joining the WORK CROWD! lol.

  2. I look forward to the great deals on Groupon everyday too! (:

    • Oh yes… I’m a HUGE fan of Groupon! 🙂 I’ve friends who are skeptical about it as they have friends who have been “cheated” by various deal sites. But thankfully, I’ve been really lucky and Groupon is really established so I’m guessing it should be safe! Have u gotten many deals off groupon too?

  3. That’s a great list!

  4. Needed a break from the news so I decided to see if there were any Much Love Monday posts that I had missed. So glad I did 🙂

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