. light at the end of the tunnel .

I need a break. I need a break. I need a break. The same sentence ringing in my head over the past couple of weeks. I haven’t taken any leave since my Valentine’s Day trip with the boy to Bali back in Feb and honestly, I’m starved for a getaway. Was randomly surfing the net for a nearby island getaway when I came across this budget resort in the Eastern part of Bintan (away from the usual tourist spot in the Northern coast)! $40/night and we get to wake up to a breath-taking view of the sun rising from beyond the sea! The beauty of staying in an over-water chalet! You bet that it’s a deal that we cannot miss! Now, all we need to do is to find the time … Yes, the days can only get better. 

All pics credit to Yasin Bungalow 


7 responses to “. light at the end of the tunnel .

  1. why is it so cheap? ZOMG i want to go too!

    • Isn’t it cheap?! Especially for a view like that! You must definitely go there when you are back… HAHA. Your sister is awesome when it comes to finding bargain travel hunts! :p LOL.

  2. LOL. yes yes. hurry go and tell me is it really that nice! hahaha.

    • HAHAHA. I wish i could too… but i’ve been buried under piles and piles of work lately. under a shitty person too! haha. isn’t my life just “perfect”?

  3. hello steph, if u dun mind, i would like to find out details wrt your laser treatment (correct me if im wrong)… considering doing tt now heh please email me!

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