It’s 6am now and I’m still at work rectifying issues caused by other departments that could have been easily avoided. Well, it’s hard not to be pissed after working close to a 24 hours work shift.


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  1. Wow..that’s late!overloaded?what are you working as?

    • Ha, in retail operations. It has been a very busy and mad past month due to an on-going project but thankfully, it’s ending soon and I have good support from some fellow colleagues! 🙂

  2. oic..there is always peak season for each industry…get good rest over the weekend 🙂

    • Yes, the days can only get better .. right? i hope so :p HAHA. Anyway, I just spent my entire sat sleeping and catching up on a bit of homework so it was good! 🙂 you have a lovely Sunday too babe!

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