. much love monday .


Spot the heart in the picture above? 2 balloons turning into a heart! The past week has just been so trying and mentally-exhausting that come this week, I would like to concentrate on positive and optimistic thoughts. This week, I want to say I ♥ …

Having a wonderful & doting boyfriend who is always so accommodating despite my fickle tempers and busy schedule. Just yesterday, I had the monthly female emergency and the love didn’t hesitate to dash across the street to get a pack of pads for me! 
♥ Coming home to the wagging tails of both Archie & Frosty, especially after a long and draining day at work. Their loud barks irritate the hell out of me at times but my life would be so empty without them! 
♥ That my family is willing to make time for one another by catching the last Harry Potter movie together. 
♥  Having the luxury for a DIY pampering session @ home. Mask and manicure! 

Chase away the Monday blues by sharing what you love with others!


14 responses to “. much love monday .

  1. that is a cool picture! x

  2. Love the photo and love your list of things to love. ♥

  3. I adore my Pups, they are truly testing at times but like you said so worth the effort for the unconditional love, company and entertainment. You bf sounds lovely. Hope you have a great week

    • Hi Amber 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! Oh yes, i remember how i used to cry out of exhaustion and frustration because my puppy would bark non-stop (we used to leave him alone in the kitchen at night while we sleep) to get our attention… almost like a mother to a child! Now that they are older (almost 2.5 yrs old… how time flies!), they aren’t as testing as before but still, trying at times. Yet, for all the unconditional love and joy that they give, i would say… it’s totally worth it! 🙂

  4. What a great photo. I wrote about the loss of my cat on my Much Love post, so I say cherish them while you have them with you. Happy Monday!

  5. That’s a great list!

  6. you always have lovely things to say for Much Love Monday. it’s a shame you can’t grow strawberries where you are! home grown always taste so much nicer.. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • Hello:)

      Well, I always have Monday Blues so I do look forward to posting something happy and cheerful for Much Love Monday! My mother is starting to grow some plants in our little garden and i really love how it cooks now. Greenery 🙂

  7. Wow! This is such a meaningful ‘meme’ to be part of… I’m going to hop on over to take part in this. 😉

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