. SBA: Thank You .

It has been close to 3 weeks since the end of the voting period for the Singapore Blog Awards 2011. How time flies! Both work and part-time studies have been keeping me extremely busy and it’s little wonder that I look shagged and aged, accompanied by growing dark circles & eyebags, these days. My life, as of late, basically revolves around this very predictable and boring cycle: Wake up, work & barely having the time for proper meals, attend classes (twice a week) & sleep! In other word, I have officially joined the hordes of people who eagerly look forward to T.G.I.F at the start of the weekย … Thank god for that 1 day of rest that gives me the chance to do something that I actually enjoy, even if sleeping is rapidly climbing the chart! :p

Back to the topic, being selected as 1 of the top 10 finalist for the SBA Best Lifestyle Blog has certainly been quite an eventful journey for me, from the initial excitement of getting nominated to being invited to a couple of bloggers’ events (although work and studies take precede) to getting inquiries for advertorials. Would love to thank everyone – my no. 1 supporter – my mother! -, family, the boy, friends, readers and random strangers – for finding my blog an occasional delightful read and of course, for the support for keeping me in the top 3 finalists! Thank you, thank you & thank you!ย 

Anyway, I look forward to having a blast at the award show tomorrow and as much as it would be freaking awesome to win the award (HAHA. Think of all the prizes … I would be a lying fool if I were to say that I’m not attracted to those prizes!), my vote goes to Bing from storyofbing! Well, it’s hard to beat someone whose blog I visit on a regular basis to get my daily dose of inspiration and musing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of my favourite lifestyle blogs to share with you:
Story of Bing
Rockstar Diaries
Angela Grayย 

Legally Heidi

4 responses to “. SBA: Thank You .

  1. Happy for u..bet u have the sense of achievement..keep it up

  2. Hello hello! Did we get to meet in person? What’s your twitter account? Can I add u? Glad u like Liang Popo. I thought she was historical enough. :p

    • Hi Mint ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! No, I only saw you …. from the stage lol! And u did a brilliant job of portraying her! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, I’m 1 of the few bloggers who do not have a twitter account! :p i know, not exactly that social media savvy! HAHA.

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