. LISTEN by tay & val .

Once upon a time, there were 2 ladies who wanted to break free from the bird cage to seek for fulfillment and freedom in life. Taking it one step at a time, the girls – Tay & Val – have successfully managed to spread the inspirational message that dreams can come true across the following countries – From Singapore to Japan to Guatemala. Just like most of us, they had nothing and started their 1.5yrs long journey (as of now) around the world with nothing. However, along the way, they managed to secure sponsorship from various companies, organized an exhibition in Japan, scored many interviews with the foreign media and of course, inspired many nationalities to participate in this community project to share their dreams with the rest of the world. The difference that lies between the girls and the rest of us who are still dreaming? Their determination to set off on a dream project to inspire and share while they are still young and relatively freed of heavy commitments. In fact, the girls’ courage to step out of their comfort zone and live a life that they truly want played a huge factor in inspiring me to start Plant A Dream – A collection of dreams from people I know, admire and love. 

One dream shared, another gets inspired 

To express their gratitude towards everyone who had supported them in 1 way or another, Tay & Val decided to invite a few of us to preview their first short online film, “LISTEN” – A movie that was shot without a single cent but with lots of support and encouragement from the community. I have been very fortunate to be able to take a sneak peek into this short movie that aims to remind us to take a good moment to ignore the noise and judgmental views that we often face and truly listen to our heart and return to our intentions. 

1. Tay & Val – Please introduce yourselves to us!

Tay: I am a 33 year-old woman learning to live my truth everyday, learning to dream intensely every moment and learning to love my life every second.

Val:  我有一个梦。就是让小小的我,在大大的银幕上,和观众一起体验、感 受”生命”。I am a spirit endeavoring to live each moment intensely, vicariously; on-screen or otherwise, so that people around also give themselves the permission to enjoy their moments, to savour their emotions, to truly live. And I like to have fun while doing that. Having fun is very, very, VERY important to me. 😉

2. What are the strongest motivational factors that have inspired the both of you to take the less-trodden path to abandon your safe and stable jobs to travel around the world to inspire others? 

We always say it was Luo Papa who inspired this journey.  In reality, Luo Papa’s dream opened a door of opportunity for us.  His ability to live his dreams all his life allowed us to see the possibility of a dream come true for ourselves.  And at the end of the day, we ourselves have to take that leap of faith to jump through that door of opportunity which was opened for us.  I (Tay) remembered there was one night Val sat in front of me and asked me one question straight in my face, “I want you to forget about the ‘Hows’ for just this moment and answer me honestly, DO YOU WANT TO DO IT OR NOT?”  I had to be honest, I want to.  Deep within my heart, I couldn’t lie to myself, I WANT to.  We both know that ‘There is no fear that is greater than missing out what lies ahead of you.”  We know if we do not take this leap of faith, we will look back and regret it for the rest of our lives.  So, we jumped.

3. What are some of the most memorable highlights of your journey so far?

That is a tough question to answer because every moment is an unforgettable moment, both the ups and the downs.  People always ask us ‘what is our favorite country on our journey so far?’  And we will always answer: None.  We remember a place because of its people.  Likewise, all the unforgettable moments on this journey are with the people we met.  To this day, we still marvel at how is it even possible that we don’t own a single thing that we wear, use, eat, etc.  How is it possible that we have not spent a single cent on a place to sleep for a single night for all 465 days of this journey so far.  And it was made possible by all the people we meet on our journey, all the people we meet online, all the people who come to our sharing sessions.  And all because ‘everyone has a dream’.  All these people who opened their houses and opened their hearts to share their homes with us, their meals with us, their lives with us, their dreams with us, they make up the unforgettable moments of our lives. 

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6 responses to “. LISTEN by tay & val .

  1. Dear Stephanie, very well written post, sums up beautifully what we are doing. You have taken a lot of heart in your writings which few do. As fellow Singaporeans, we are so very proud of you too! Jia you!

    • Hi Tay:)

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and also for the encouraging comment. 🙂 Likewise, it’s not that common to find fellow Singaporeans who have taken the route that you both had so I guess that your story is one that’s especially inspiring to me… so much so that I can’t help but to blog about you guys several times! :p

  2. What inspiration! Love these 2 and what they’re doing!


    • Hi Leann 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you too – Their story is one that I draw alot of motivation from to lead a fulfilling life! 🙂

  3. Great stuff! It is very inspiring! ^^

    • Likewise, i have nothing but full admiration for both girls for taking the first step to cycle around the world and share their dreams with others. so inspiring 🙂

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