. breakfast, the old and traditional way .

The Singapore breakfast culture. Kaya toast. Half-boiled eggs. A cup of coffee. Something so simple to satisfy my midnight hunger pangs! 


4 responses to “. breakfast, the old and traditional way .

  1. Wow I haven’t had this in ages!! My breakfasts have been taken over by Mcdonald’s hotcakes :/

    • hotcakes! im not really a fan of pancakes and waffles but i love big breakfast! yea… i had a sudden craving for kaya toast and told myself i needed to get my hands on a set! it just so happened to be at night! :p

  2. We feel the inconfidence to step out. As people get older, nothing really change much inside them unless of a traumatic experience- I think,we either find more courage or we feel totally lock up within ourself, but with good team of friends around us , maybe there are more chances that one day we are going to say- I done it!!!!! (But without appreciating and realizing that , we have lived this life to go cover many eventful moments.)

  3. just reading your blog- that was something i used to prepare for someone who just like something familiar. 🙂

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