. a little greenery to make your day .

Just made a trip downtown to collect a limited edition marimo in glass whale collectible that I recently won in a photo contest organised by Give A Plant! Thanks to my sisters and friends who helped in 1 way or another. 🙂  Will be presenting this as a gift to my mum who has been  such a pillar of strength in my life. I  ❤ you, mum!

6 responses to “. a little greenery to make your day .

  1. now i’m convinced to get one marimo for myself! Yours are so adorable!!!

    • HAHA. the one in the fish container? I like it too! They even have designs such as an apple and a pig! You should definitely get a marimo … a hassle-free plant! 🙂

  2. Glad u managed to win!

  3. Yay! You won the marimo! Thought you missed out on it because you didn’t win the first prize and was disappointedt! Yours was so much nicer 😛

    • Yes.. the 2nd and 3rd winners get a marimo collectible each! Wanted the pig one because I know my mum will love it more (She’s born in the year of the pig!) but we didn’t have that option. I think the fish looks adorable too!

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