. no longer a virgin .

… … Well, I am no longer a brazilian waxing virgin. Caught you there, didn’t I? To begin with,there are some reasons for me to lose my “virginity”. First & foremost, I never like a thick jungle of pubic hair to be sprouting at my pubic region. Secondly, keeping that area clean, bare and smooth adds excitement to one’s sex life so honestly, what’s there not to like? :p   On the other hand, there are also factors that have deterred me from taking this step that an increasing number of ladies have taken in the recent years. The “Ouch” factor. The expensive cost of monthly maintenance. And finally, the embarrassment of having a total stranger seeing me bottomless because no one other than a few specially selected people have seen me so exposed!

Nevertheless, there is always a first time and there wasn’t a better time for me to give brazilian waxing a shot when Groupon (I’m a Groupon Addict!) recently offered a fantastic deal for half-priced brazilian waxing services at Face Bistro, a beauty boutique opened by celebrity make-up artist Dily Wang. 

With 50% off its usual price, it’s a tempting offer that is hard to resist. Taking any thoughts of hesitation out of the equation, both S and I joined 400 hundred other Groupon fans by clicking the “Purchase the deal” button. The deal was bought, there was no turning back.

What goes on behind the scene? 
The simplified version

1. Off goes the underwear! 
2. Hygiene. Using individually-packed wet wipes to cleanse the area. 
3. Brace yourself for the waxing. Rose wax was our choice as it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and is known to have whitening effects. Apply, Harden, Peel – these are basically the steps involved in waxing.
4. Any remaining stranded hair was removed using a tweezer.
5. In just 20 minutes, we walked out of the salon, glowing with radiance, and satisfied with our baby smooth skin! 

My guide to enjoying your first brazilian waxing session

1. Take your mind off the pain and embarrassment by having a light-hearted conversation with your therapist. Fortunately, my therapist (you may look for Serene at Face Bistro!) is equally bubbly and chatty so it definitely beats the awkward silence.

2. Pain factor? I have to admit that I have a high tolerance of pain so I would rate the overall pain factor as 3/5 (Facial extraction wins hands down for being the most painful beauty treatment ever! Major Ouch!). The sides (bikini wax) involved almost no pain, whilst the front required a little more courage and tolerance. If the pain becomes unbearable, do request for the therapist to press the cooling cotton pad for a longer period of time after the peeling as it does wonders in easing the pain. 

3. Feeling kinky and naughty? Why not opt for customized designs to spice up the bedroom action? My therapist shared that she has adventurous customers who had opted for designs such as a heart and playboy bunny! Lucky boyfriends! Having said that, I must confess that I don’t quite entertain the idea of having a fuzzy heart that I still have to maintain by trimming so my personal choice is the all off hollywood wax.

My story? The boy loves it as much as I do and we had a ball of fun. :p 


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