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. really really free market .

“The Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) movement is a non-hierarchical collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. The RRFM movement aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way. It holds as a major goal to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all.”
– Wikipedia RRFM –

It was a couple of years ago when I first heard about POST Museum and its bimonthly Really Really Free Market (RRFM) event. Just as its name suggests, the RRFM means that everything that is offered at the market is for free (isn’t that something that we all love to hear?)! Intrigued by this “barter trade” concept, I thus made a mental note to myself to check out this place. Alas, somewhere along the way, this idea eventually faded to the back of my mind and it wasn’t until recently when I came across an article mentioning about POST Museum that I was reminded of this note. A decision was made. 

An interesting sight greeted me as I first walked into this tiny art space. Piles and piles of pre-loved clothes, books and vcds were laid neatly on the straw mats. There were also groups of people offering free services such as wellness analysis, hands-on healing, hair braiding (so cool right?), prophetic art and tarot reading (I wanted to give this a try but knowing myself, my life will probably end up as a fine example of a self-fulfilling prophecy)! I must have looked like a lost sheep because it didn’t take too long before a lady introduced herself to me and offered to pray to ease any pain or injuries that I might have. I didn’t need it so I asked her to pray for my grandfather who has been in and out of the hospital lately. It was this spirit of giving and sharing with the community that I found to be very refreshing and inspiring. 

Following my blessing session, I was introduced to a form of art called “prophetic art” – In Christian terms, prophetic art is a work of art that reveals the God’s vision for the person. It could be a case of pure coincidence as I ended up running into an acquaintance who turned out to be the person who drew the art piece for me! So, besides taking a new piece of prophetic art home, I also walked away from this event with a new friendship! Serendipity – the beauty of happy accidents. 🙂 

“Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure”
– Tony Benn –

Not wanting to visit the free market empty-handed or being labelled as a free-loader (LOL!), I decided to participate in this barter-trade event by giving out some of my photos, in hopes that I’ll be able to make someone’s day. The boy contributed by editing all the pictures and I’ve to admit that I’m smitten with them (so chio!) … love the lomo effects! 🙂 

POST Museum is an independent art space founded by a couple who wanted to share their passion and love for the arts with the community. Unfortunately, the journey to sustain the space has not been easy and it has been recently announced that the set-up will be leaving its premises in July. Not one to feel despondent about this closure, the husband-and-wife team will be celebrating the last hurrah by hosting more events and program in the last month, as a final effort to seek funds & donations. There are also plans to organize the last Really Really Free Market in its current space at Rowell Road so do keep your eyes peeled for that! Who knows, you might actually find “a treasure” in this hidden gem! 🙂