. all day brunch & sweets at 1-Caramel .

What can be a more perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday than to wake up late before heading to a quaint cafe for a savory brunch? To spend the rest of the day idling & people-watching at the cafe before ending it with a sinful indulgence in something sweet would simply be the icing on the cake! In other words, it’s the perfect recipe to either end the busy work week or kick start the beginning of the new week!

Considering how much Singaporeans love to have a hearty breakfast, it’s no wonder that the dining concept of an all-day brunch is becoming extremely popular amongst diners from all walks of life. Good for us who love to have our breakfast at anytime of the day! 1-Caramel, the dessert boutique of 1 Rochester Group, has recently launched an all-day breakfast menu, much to the delight of its regulars. Eggs. French Toast. Crunchy Granola. Bacon. Waffles & Pancakes. 1-Caramel serves all the traditional delights and more as it introduces a dash of fine dining to breakfast – Look out for its Posh Platter that serves caviar!

Housed in a beautiful colonial bungalow set amidst the lush greenery of 1 Rochester Park, 1-Caramel seems like the ideal cafe if you’re ever up for an orgasmic gastronomic experience as it also serves an extensive dessert and sweet treats menu, on top of its daily brunch sets. Now, I’m not gonna lie to anyone … I confess that I have a sweet tooth, and my love for chocolate has become quite an unhealthy addiction. If I must die, let it be death by chocolate. The 1-Caramel Assiette, petite-sized desserts served on a sharing platter,  is a new addition to its menu and personally, I think a dessert platter is a brilliant idea so that dessert lovers like yours truly can sample a bit of everything. A smorgasbord of desserts. Plus, it’s an excuse for us not to feel too guilty about over-indulgence!

Dining at 1-Caramel is simply more than just a simple affair of eating out. Instead, it is all about the experience of indulging in sweet treats as you catch the pastry chefs whipping up each dessert with precision and care. This open dining concept gives the patisserie character as it encourages the friendly interaction between the staff and the diners, thus bringing the service standard to a higher level. 1 Caramel –  The place for all day breakfast & sweet treats. 

* The food tasting at 1-Caramel wouldn’t be possible if not for OMY Singapore and 1 Rochester Group. Thank you so much for inviting me to this exclusive bloggers’ event! 🙂

Traditional Eggs Benedict 
Poached eggs on toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon

The Posh Platter
Smoked salmon tart with creme fraiche and ocean trout caviar, asparagus wrapped in basil and prosciutto, truffled brie and cherry tomatoes on toasted brioche

Raspberry Chocolate Lollipop 

1-Caramel Assiette
Death by chocolate, 1-Caramel Baked Alaska, Earl Grey Creme Brulee, Raspberry Lychee Rose Panacotta & Lychee Lemon Compote, Midori Macaroon and Tropical Vodka Trifle. 

Death By Chocolate 
Valrhona Sofiato molten cake with dark chocolate sorbet

1 Caramel Baked Alaska
Combination of homemade chunky strawberry and vanilla Madagascar ice cream coated with Rhum Italian meringue on top of nutty chocolate brownie

Miso Souffle with Yuzu ice cream 

To read about 1-Caramel from a food blogger’s point of view, do check my new friend, Justin’s blog at Gourmet Estorie! A brilliantly written piece 🙂 

pic credit to moonberry

14 responses to “. all day brunch & sweets at 1-Caramel .

  1. Gosh this is the 3rd post I have seen of 1-Caramel now and I am really craving Baked Alaska quite badly.

    • Oh yes, the baked alaska is a sinful indulgence… but don’t feel guilty about it because it’s worth every bite 🙂 my fav is actually the miso souffle! there’s a unique fusion of eastern and western taste so if you’re ever up for something exotic and sweet, try this! Do get the 1-Caramel dessert platter as it allows you to try out more desserts! 🙂 Am reading your blog now and I must say that your posts are so much more insightful despite us being only 1 year apart!

      • Haha, thanks! I just write about what I see and observe from my life and my work and the things I do… I guess I end up getting caught up in more “serious” stuff?

        I did end up going there with my mum. We had Eggs Benedict and Baked Alaska and a Red Velvet cupcake om nom nom. 🙂 Will try the miso souffle the next time we’re there!

    • So, did the baked alaska live up to your expectations? 🙂 i love the egg benedict and hopefully, i will learn how to prepare this “Essential” breakfast dish in the near future. In fact, im planning to whip up a western breakfast set this weekend for my family. It’s gonna be a surprise because frankly, i don’t cook (Except for instant noodles!) so let’s hope that it’s not a disaster. ;p

      • Yes, it was really good!

        Good luck making Eggs Benedict, I find poaching eggs to be really difficult URGH.

      • In the end, i chose the simple option of making a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, ham and bruschetta! LOL 😛 will try harder recipes once i get the hang of cooking :p

  2. I adore baked Alaska!!!!


  3. The desserts looked like they’re to-die-for! And being a chocoholic myself, I’m sure I would love all the desserts there!

    • i think you will too 🙂 definitely try the platter so that you wouldn’t have an overdose of sugar and sweetness! Plus, it gives u the chance to sample a few of its signature desserts! 🙂

  4. I wanna try more of their dessertsssss! LOL!

    But really, we were the most ‘powerful’ that night eh? The only group that wiped everything off the plate 😉

    • I think we were too! Super “power” – 3 ladies polishing everything off from their plates! Our plates were cleared at the end of the day. I think we need to make another trip down to 1-Caramel SOON! :p

  5. Oh gosh, the Salmon Egg Ben and Posh Platter look droolsome! 😛

    ❤ Dee

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