. find the time .


It has certainly been such a whirlwind month for me; with the weekdays packed to the brim with occasional 12hrs’ work shift, sketching class, dinner dates with friends and the weekends spent with my dear friend, Sara, who has since returned and left Singapore. The past few weekends have been nothing short of amazing – Jetting off to Shanghai for my company retreat, attending a book reading at BooksActually, re-visiting history at the Chinatown Heritage Centre and Tanjong Pagar Train Station, learning more about Judaism and Christianity in Singapore with the PMB and of course, taking up ad-hoc job stints to earn extra cash. Well, living in a fast-paced society has definitely trained me to enjoy having a productive schedule and honestly, I do get a kick out of getting multiple tasks done at the end of the day! Feels “shiok”!

Inevitably, it’s easy to get burn out and the hectic schedule over the past month has finally taken its toll on me. I confess, I’m no robot and I am in need of a break. Been eagerly looking forward to this weekend when I can finally be lazy and simply bum around at home! You might even be surprised to know that the thought of heading out to explore another part of Singapore doesn’t interest me at this moment!

Let’s face it, the idea of being productive at all times has been deeply ingrained into our minds since we were young. Haven’t we been taught that we should never waste precious time idling at home or doing nothing in particular? Everything that we do has to produce some sort of reward at the end of the day, be it materially or intrinsically. In pursuit of excitement in life, I’ve always found myself being sucked into this addictive cycle of planning a packed schedule way in advanced so that I can  constantly create excitement for myself and the life that I’m living. Yet, there were times (just like now) when such excitement seems to take spontaneity out of the equation and it ends up draining me of my energy instead. This brings me to the next question, why cant we (or more personally,I) learn to accept that it is perfectly fine to find satisfaction right in the comforts of your own home? It’s back to LIFE LESSON 101 as I learn to relive the joys of being a bum at home.

This weekend, I just want to find the time to:

1) Catch up on my sleep
2)  Spend time with my sister, Ginette, who is back from Australia and my 2 faithful dogs that are probably suffering from a lack of attention 😦 
3) Finish up my inspired sketch on “2 Tahitian women painting” by Paul Gauguin
4) Blog
5) Or perhaps, ignore having an agenda altogether and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing at all!

Bought 2 bottles of home fragrance oil (green tea + lemon and mandarin + tangelo) from The Body Shop at only $16! Well, they were on … (Applause for our favourite word!) SALE! Am burning the essential oil to sooth my frazzled nerves and relax as I’m writing this entry.

Some beautiful pictures to kickstart a fantastic weekend ahead!








2 responses to “. find the time .

  1. These pictures are awesome!
    Gives me the impetus to go out and shoot again. 🙂

    • Hi yAnn! 🙂

      i agree too… most of them are taken with a lomo camera so the effects are really striking and vibrant! definitely, it’s good to head out and take some pictures … a great excuse to exercise and put a smile to our faces! :p

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