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. Singapore Blog Awards 2011 .

GYSB Best Lifestyle Blog
Blogs sharing information that will light up someone’s boring lifestyle  

It wasn’t too long ago when the blogging community was blooming and I was one of the few who could not comprehend the whole idea of blogging. In fact,  I was  against blogging and have told my fellow blogger friends that blogging is probably something I will never see myself doing in the years to come. Well, lesson learnt. Never say never. In the end, I ended up being the fool and laughing stock as I have to take my words back. Fast forward 3.5 years to present time, blogging has, surprisingly, become such a vital part of my life that I have to confess of having an unhealthy addiction. That is, an addiction to blogging. Talk about the irony of life. You might ask, why the sudden and drastic change of mind? Well, I soon found out and became hooked to the therapeutic benefits and joy of documenting my adventures and memories in this blog. Blogging inspires me to venture out of my comfort zone and do something in life, anything to disrupt the monotony. Hopefully through this, it is able to provide a tiny virtual space that others might be able to draw some form of entertainment or inspiration from occasionally.

Truth to be told, I would have never expected this little personal blog of mine to be chosen as 1 of the top 10 finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog. It feels awesome to be part of this and of course, I would like to thank my family, friends and readers for ever finding this blog an occasional worthy read! 🙂  1 of my favourite blogger gave me this really good piece of advice – Bask in the fun and enjoy and not focus on winning! A good mindset to adopt 🙂

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