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Work aside, this week has truly been nothing short of pleasant surprises. Have been receiving lots of happy news, so much so that this week probably marks 1 of the best that I had in 2011 thus far … That is, until my “Pretty Red Book” aka laptop crashed and broke down. And, my world starts crumbling down. Now, I have to confess, as geeky as it might sound, that my laptop (oh, and the internet) is such a vital part of my life that I feel absolutely lost now that it has been taken away from me. What makes it worse is that I have yet to save 3.5 yrs worth of files and pictures (oh lord!) to an external hard disk so if the service centre is unable to retrieve my stuff … basically, im screwed! 😦  

Got to head off for an ad-hoc work stint now! Here’s a breath-taking picture of Fullerton at Night that I took with the sparkling lens! 🙂



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  1. It fair last weekend.did u manage to get good deals for your laptop?
    The pic of Fullerton with the night effects are beautiful

    • Hi:)

      I didn’t get to go because i was hoping that there’s a chance that my laptop can be restored. Sent it for repair and thankfully, it is just a virus attack.. shld be able to retrieve my files. I hope! Did u get anything during the IT Fair?

      Im hooked to the starlight jelly lens too! If u’re keen, go gmarket to look for it. only $5-8 a piece.. can be used on mobile too!

  2. Get 2 external hard disks and save routinely! My computer power box just kaput, thankfully I too could retrieve the files after much effort. The last time this happened I ended up buying the external hard disks. Saved religiously for a few months and then stopped for half a year!

    • I know… my mum lend me her external hard disk to save my pictures (As i have a ton!) but i’ve been so lazy. guilty. keep saying that i will but in the end, nth’s done. this has definitely taught me a lesson and i need to save all my files not… might not be so lucky the second time! thankfully, all my current files and pictures have been restored but you’re right … should nv take anything for granted!

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